Vanarama To Provide Electric Vehicle Leasing Customers With FREE Home Charge Points

Vanarama Provides Electric Vehicle Leasing Customers With FREE Home Charge Points.

  • 81% of adults who drive in the UK say the reason they won't switch to electric vehicles is due to battery charging and range*
  • 74% said that finding somewhere to charge would affect their decision*
  • Where off street parking is available 80% of charging will be done at home**

Vanarama the UK's leading independent online car and van leasing company has announced that it will provide EV leasing customers FREE electric vehicle home charge points. The scheme has been live since July 2020 and was developed in partnership with ChargedEV, the UK's leading independent EV charge point provider. The offer which is designed to support the UK Government's Net-Zero commitment, will, it is hoped, provide a financial stimulus and encourage customers that making the transition to electric car leasing is a more environmentally friendly and viable option.

"We're seeing a huge consumer shift in the automotive industry away from ownership and towards usership. Car leasing is the great enabler for our customers to keep up with the pace of change. We know that one of the key reasons consumers hesitate about making the change to EV is the access to charging points, our home charge point offer will remove this obstacle and make leasing an electric vehicle more accessible for our customers." said Andy Alderson, CEO and Founder, Vanarama.

The Smart+ home charge points, which are supplied and fitted by ChargedEV, feature A 7kW output, programmable charge times and load balancing which delivers a simple and effective solution for customers.

"It is great to be working with a partner that understands the needs of its customers and is willing to commit to supporting that transition for EV drivers with such a great piece of kit whilst covering those costs." said Mark Pymm, Director of ChargedEV.

Supported by the Kalauza data intelligence app using AI and machine learning to optimise smart home devices for a more flexible and resilient energy system, the Smart+ is feature rich and futureproofed to ensure customers can get the very best from their home charging experience.

"Statistics show that where off street parking is available, over 80%**of charging will be done at home.  But, it is also clear from research and feedback that one of the concerns people have about moving to an electric vehicle is how easy it is to charge and the cost of installing a charge point. We hope our offer will make this happen seamlessly and simply for our customers." concluded Paul Kirby, Head of EV, Vanarama.

For more information please contact or Paul Kirby on [email protected]

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