How Car Leasing Works

As the UK's leading independent vehicle leasing broker, Vanarama has the power to source you the best possible car from ALL of the brands. We moved into leasing in 2007 with vans and pickup trucks. As you will discover elsewhere on our website, we have grown significantly since then and are now using our substantial buying power and industry knowledge to bring you the most amazing car leasing deals. Because we're not tied to any one finance provider we will identify the best finance package for your budget from a range of the top providers.

If you think that car leasing is not for you or that all brokers are the same we hope to change your mind!

We see it as our job to help you choose the best car for your needs and your budget. We won't ever sell to you and we'll always recommend the best product for you; not the one that's most advantageous for us. You can find out more about the types of finance products here: Finance Products Explained

With Vanarama you will benefit from a new car delivered to you in the most cost-effective and hassle-free way possible. And you'll enjoy being looked after by our helpful, friendly and knowledgeable team.

So what is car leasing?

It gives individuals and families peace-of-mind motoring by allowing them to pay a fixed monthly fee. In return, they get the use of a new car for the period of the lease agreement, typically covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

With a low initial rental required, leasing a new car instead of buying it enables you to hold onto savings for other things. Agreed monthly rentals, which can also include servicing and maintenance, make managing the household budget easier with all the car costs wrapped up in one neat bundle! And because we provide your car servicing options, you can benefit from our award-winning customer service team for the duration of your contract.

How does car leasing work?

It's simple really.  There are five things that determine what you pay each month. They are:

The cost of the vehicle (s):

The lower the cost of your vehicle, the lower your monthly rentals. We order cars in huge volumes and so benefit from significant discounts, which we pass on to you. You may be very pleasantly surprised about the type of new car your budget will stretch to.

The interest rate:

The more finance volume we put through our funders, the cheaper the cost money becomes. This is reflected in the prices we quote you.

The car's residual value:

The finance company will need to dispose of your car at the end of your leasing agreement. They will take into consideration how much they think it will be worth when you hand it back. This is why we have to ask you about your anticipated mileage and why we confirm the likely condition of your car at the end of the contract. Your car's residual value will help determine your monthly rental. The higher your car's residual value, the lower your monthly rental.

The deposit

How much you want to pay upfront will affect the monthly rental.  The greater the deposit, the less the monthly rental.

The term

The length of the leasing agreement will affect the monthly rental. The longer the lease, the less the monthly rental.

It's really that simple.

What will we need to know?

To get your new car lease sorted, we will go through the above details with you. We'll ask you about your requirements and your expected mileage to help you find the most suitable car and finance. You'll need to undergo a straightforward credit check and then sign the paperwork. You'll be pleased to know this can all be done online if you wish so it's quick and easy from your mobile or tablet. Then all that's left is to arrange delivery of your brand new car!

The bottom line is that you will get the best deal possible, whatever car you need. We'll make the whole process straightforward with no hassle. Leasing your new car has never been so easy and enjoyable.