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Case Study - Dominic Tutton

Large corporate organisations are often the first point of call for people starting out in their career. But Dominic, who is now our Customer Services Manager, felt the red tape involved in getting heard in a large franchised dealer was holding his career back. When he heard that a local business - and a small one at the time, Autorama, was recruiting salespeople he jumped at the chance of becoming a big fish in a smaller pond.

Beginning as an Account Manager when the company was just one man and his dog (well almost) back in 2009, Dominic's role has grown with Autorama. As he explains:

"I've always loved the motor industry and the opportunity to play a significant part in growing a business from scratch really appealed. When I joined Autorama the company consisted of just three salesmen with admin support. Five years and a lot of hard work later, we have grown to a company of 76 plus 52 Regional Representatives. I really feel as if my career has flourished with the business."

So what's the secret? "There isn't one really. Autorama's philosophy is to work hard, play hard and not be afraid to take risks. This combined with the fact that it is not reticent in investing in its staff means that I've been able to progress up the career ladder. Industry leading sales training with a specialist sales training company provided me with the tools to do my job. Always focussing on consultative lead sales, working with the customer to find the right solution for them helped me to earn a promotion to Key Account Manager in (2012) where I looked after our fleet customers."

"My progression to the position of Customer Services Manager in April 2013 was a natural one. As a salesperson, customers have always been my focus, I know the company inside-out and have been able to adapt the skills learnt in the sales role to resolving customer issues promptly and efficiently.

As well as heading up the Customer Support Team, I manage the relationships with most of our dealers, manufacturers and our various logistics partners. As the business grows, so does the need to ensure that we, together with our partners, are able to cope with the service levels demanded by our customers; I am involved heavily in the continuous development, implementation and improvement of our Hearts and Minds Training Development Programme. So you can see that no two days are ever alike!"

Despite rising through the ranks at Autorama Dominic isn't ready to head for pastures new yet. "With great training and colleagues I really feel like I still have places to go. It's a great atmosphere here, sometimes it doesn't really feel like a workplace! I love the social side of things too. I definitely think I'll be working and playing hard here for the foreseeable future!"