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Case Study - Megan Grimsdale

Having worked as an administrator for a local estate agent Megan felt she wanted to work for a company which gave her the potential to turn a job into a career:

After joining Autorama in 2010 and gaining valuable experience 'at the coal face' as a Sales Administrator, my first big break came in 2012 at a crucial time; when our regional representatives, who visit customers face to face across the country, were coming on board.

I had proven myself as a more than able administrator and was rewarded with promotion to Regional Representative Administration Co-ordinator, where it was my responsibility to work with the representatives to help them ensure their customers were kept happy by providing admin support. I had to guarantee that all the paperwork was where it needed to be and ultimately that their customers' vehicles were delivered to their chosen destination to the right spec at the right time, every time.

This involved working with inspiring people across the company as well as with the manufacturers and finance houses, exposing me to all aspects of the business. Overcoming challenges on a daily basis and seeing the effect my decisions can have on our customers and our organisation has given me the confidence to progress to where I am now.

As Resource and Compliance Controller I now work with the Senior Management Team to attain and maintain compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority so we can make sure that our customers are treated fairly at all times.

This is a huge role and one I would never have dreamt I might do when I joined Autorama four years ago! I'm not daunted though; I know that the in-depth training and support I get from my team will mean that I can continue to enjoy my work. Autorama has given me the belief in myself to succeed!