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Case Study - Richard Wells

Two years ago Richard had just about enough of working antisocial hours for little pay selling memberships in a local gym. The evening and weekend shifts were taking their toll on his family and social life. So, when the opportunity arose to put his sales skills to good use at Autorama, Richard jumped at the chance.

Joining Autorama as a Trainee Account Manager has enabled Richard to learn the ropes from the ground up, taking advantage of structured sales training as well as learning valuable lessons from his more experienced colleagues. Six months of hard work later and Richard was rewarded with promotion to the position of Account Manager. Flying solo with his own base of clients to work for after such a short time may sound daunting, but he never felt out of his depth. "The client is King at Autorama and I know they would never have let me become a Manager if I didn't possess all the skills needed to keep our customers happy," says Richard.

Two years after joining the company and Richard is now a Team Leader, with control for the day to day work of six salespeople - managing sales budgets and shouldering the responsibility of ensuring sales targets are met without compromising customer expectation.

The X-Factor

After the antisocial hours of the leisure industry, Richard now feels that he has found a career in an exciting and ever changing industry with that illusive X-Factor. A job which has the correct work/life balance, all this while enjoying moving through the ranks.

"Rightly or wrongly, before starting at Autorama the thought of sitting at a desk all day on the phone was not a great motivation for me, but Autorama is massively different from your typical office. The people here are great and the atmosphere in the office is by far the best I have experienced. It's a fantastically challenging job but one I wouldn't change. Autorama gives you all of the tools you need to have a great career and really enjoy your work. One of the main reasons I enjoy my job so much is that we never sit still and are always looking for more and more ways to prove we are the best leasing company out there!" concludes Richard.