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Investing in our people

When you join the Autorama team, you'll realise we haven't recruited you for what you're capable of now – we've brought you in because we can see your potential. But potential can't be realised without investment, which is why our ethos has always been: "If you look after your people, the rest takes care of itself." It's an ethos that we've proved to be right.

We're one of the UK's fastest growing businesses, so we understand that if we want to continue innovating and working to achieve our aim of being the market leaders that it's vital to invest in our people, not just the brand. Simply put: without hard-working, committed and well-rewarded employees, we wouldn't be the company we are today.

What separates us from other companies, however, is that we realise the true importance of a good work-life balance and employee well-being. Other businesses would call providing these things "a cost" – we look at them as an investment. There are many reasons why we're a Sunday Times Top 100 employer, but our focus on these areas is key to our success and why, in 2018 alone, we're investing £365,000 in our people. Why are we telling you all this? Well, it's not to impress you, it's meant to impress upon you just how important our people are to our success.

Check out the infographic below to see what we're investing in:

As you can see, a little over £200k is being invested in training and development alone. Alongside regular training programmes developed for sales and customer service staff by our own in-house Training and Development Director, we have brought in specialists from a variety of other areas. These include advanced Excel training, Agile project management, Growth Hacking and a huge host of other topics designed to support our growing e-commerce and technology platforms.

Another £113k is invested in food and drink, such as our subsidised café (Caférama), free teas and coffees, and regular treat days such as 'Pancake Tuesday' and 'Strawberries & Cream day' when Wimbledon is on. And let's not forget our monthly 'Fizz Fridays' (which is exactly what it sounds like), our legendary Summer Party, and even bigger Christmas bash!

Then there's the £45k spent on looking after our employees, such as free on-site private doctor, free annual flu jabs, free massages, free wellness classes, free gym membership, and a huge list of other great stuff that's just too long to include.

When you join Autorama, you become part of a Sunday Times Top 100 company that wants to invest in your potential and make sure you have a great time when you come to work. Sound good? Well, all you need to do is browse our vacancies and apply!


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