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What makes this a great workplace?

What makes this a great workplace?

"This is a great company to work for and it's the happiest I have been in any job role I have held so far. The company does everything they can for their employees and I look forward to working here for a long time."

"The working atmosphere is fantastic. The whole company feel like one big team who look out for each other day in day out."

"Prior to working at Autorama, I have had a 10-year career in the HR industry and can easily say Autorama has a special culture that other companies could learn from. They truly care about their staff and their well being and it is such a positive company to work for."

"A great place to work in. I have a fantastic manager who listens and acts quickly on any suggestions we make."

"Brilliant environment to work in, a real buzz and enthusiastic atmosphere across the whole business. Everyone works as a team, you're never left to deal with things on your own, people are there willing to help and support each other. Staff and Customer Service are paramount here, everyone is always striving to improve and be brilliant-er!"

"The management truly cares about every single employee individually and takes the time to notice each individual's strengths and then praise accordingly. The team is truly a family and everybody is supportive of one another."

"The atmosphere within the workplace is great, the people I work with are nice and we get along really well. We are rewarded for the hard work that we do. We get loads of good perks and the company will go out its way to make sure that we're all happy."

"Majority of staff are good to work with."

"Most people are very friendly and Andy is a lovely MD. I don't know many company owners who would spend as much money on their staff as Andy. We get nights out, a decent bonus, free fruit, massages, yoga, etc. The list can go on. I've worked in places where there is no care in the staff and all the money is taken by the people at the top. Although I've had stressful days at work like anyone would, I have never hated coming to work here and I am grateful to work for such a nice company."

"There is a great sense of camaraderie. We are very busy and this can lead to times when it can become stressful. The managers do as much as they can to prevent this and provide us with all the help we need to do our jobs as well as is possible."

"This is a company that's really going somewhere and I'm proud to play my part in that."

"It's a family to me. Everyone cares for each other and everyone shares in the vision. Everybody sees the size of the opportunity and wants to be part of the growth and journey ahead."

"We have fun, but we get the job done. I am trusted and given a chance to prove myself."

"The whole ethos we work under is inspirational. However, if we spent as much time making the staff the happiest as much as we do customers, it would be a better place to work. I don't mean incentives, etc, I mean fair treatment to everyone, no special treatment to individuals. This seems to be a face fit company."

"The company and management are always willing to support and help you, they listen and take on board any comments. They support me in and out of work and this is truly the best company I have ever worked for and it is an absolute pleasure to be a part of this growing brand. It is exciting to see where this company is going."

"The ownership vision and direction is what I come to work for. The business is customer focussed and honest in every respect. This makes me proud to work for Vanarama."

"Having been here on and off for over 4 years this place has become an extended family, with some of my family even working here. I have made best friends for life in this company. But not only do the people make this a great workplace, but the job itself is never dull, never boring. I have worked in admin and now marketing and being able to see different sides to the company you realise how it all works and how everyone pulls together to get the job done. The training onsite is brilliant, either with job specific training or broader customer service training that has not only improved my work but something that I have added to my day to day life."

"We have great well-being classes here with weekly massages, yoga and meditation, and also we have a Doctor which comes here weekly. If the company performs well, we are immediately given a gift for example champagne. We are frequently sent home early if we exceed our targets. We are treated to meals out and also have frequent parties throughout the year too which also includes family members too. I personally cannot see me being employed anywhere else as I have worked for many companies throughout my years of working and no other company has come near to working for Autorama."

"There is a positive and different feel about the organisation that strikes me and all external visitors to the company. It feels energised, open and caring. Staff are also very clear as to their role, what is expected of them and how they are to treat customers."

"Great pay and incentives. Good feeling around the organisation, everyone is friendly and helpful. Very fair company to work for."

"This company is always thinking up new ways of celebrating achievements and using incentives to drive targets. We are continuously rewarded for great work and lots of social events are organised throughout the year to improve employee relations. Everyone will happily share and assist with their knowledge/expertise to help you on a certain issue or query that you may have."

"The recognition of great work. The marketing ideas used to push the company further. That there is a concerted effort to keep the same values even as we continue to grow as a business. Having music play all day."

"It's a very fun place to work as there's always something going on. The vibe and atmosphere is very good and they reward you for your hard work. I enjoy coming to work every day."

"I have recently returned from maternity leave, where I was fully supported throughout. My workplace came to me with a new role to support my wish to return to work on a part time basis. I had no pressure to return fulltime and felt that they were incredibly flexible. I have now returned and I feel valued and appreciated in my new role within the company. I have other "mummy friends" who have had a very difficult time returning to work. I have had nothing but support and praise. When you become a new mum, returning to work is a daunting thought. But returning to work for me has given me such a boost and a sense of self, other than just a mummy. I cannot praise them enough for how well I was looked after throughout my pregnancy, my maternity leave and my return."

"It's a friendly and well-motivated company, who involve all staff members to interact, no matter what team/department they are from."

"Everyone is happy to help out other work colleagues, there is always a positive vibe around the whole of the business."

"The ethos and morals that the business is built on. I am very proud to work for Vanarama, and believe this makes me work harder and better. Vanarama clearly care a lot about staff which is reflected in staff incentives, bonuses, awards, etc."

"The things that make Autorama a great place to work on a day to day basis are the superb staff welfare package, and the ongoing incentives and "fun" days. On a longer term/ongoing basis the things I most appreciate are the forward-thinking nature of the business and that we are always looking to improve, and the fact that the management team are always prepared to listen, and genuinely care about any issues, whether personal or work related."

"There is a lot of focus on all of the staff even as the company has grown. They are always there to help out with issues whether its work related or personal. It feels like one big family, with everyone having their role and everyone happy to help out each other. There is a lot of attention to detail here. I love the fact that they are always trying to celebrate our successes together as a company (such as a summer party, nights out for hitting targets, treats and rewards) and are always looking at ways to keep the staff motivated. I personally really love the massages each week. Unlike previous employers, I don't just feel like a number with this company, I feel like I am a valued part of the team and company."
"We all work together as one big team to ensure everything runs smoothly and every customer received the best service as we guarantee."

"A genuine caring at all levels for staff and staff welfare, as well as for the customers we deal with. A desire to do things better and to challenge the status quo. A sense of fun and a shared love of cake!"

"Great staff."

"I feel very looked after in this workplace. The number of things that the company does to keep us all entertained and happy is brilliant and I feel valued and lucky to have found such a great company. The people are all lovely and relationships are kept strong through out-of-work activities. We are rewarded if we hit target and my team leader is certainly very supportive of the targets that are set to make sure we are all working towards and are capable and achieving."

"The team spirit, the aspirations of management, the encouragement of ideas."

"I believe what makes this a great place to work is because the time and money spent into us as workers is brilliant. The company looks after us like a family member and it's a joy to work hard for them."

"It's good to be part of a company which is growing at this rate. This company is a real success story."
"Vanarama have given me a career and not just a job, everyone has confidence in our MD. I am hugely proud to work here! Thank you."

"The people I work with and the opportunities for personal development."

"The Vanarama vision is second to none in the workplace and that vision is part of our working practice. I have worked for several Blue-chip employers and none of those come close to the care and focus Vanarama give to their customers and employees. An absolute 1st class employer always looking to make things even better."

"I feel I've been able to come up with new ideas, these have been listened to and in most cases, actioned. That makes me feel like my ideas do contribute to the business."

"The main objective of the company is to treat customers and colleagues like family and to treat them fairly and that is exactly what we do. At Autorama we are rewarded fantastically when it comes to hitting targets and the pay structure is fair and more than reasonable. I have been here for three and a half months and I am blown away at the positivity and togetherness of everyone involved with the company and look forward to many more years working here. We all get on so well and events and activities and celebrations are always organised to celebrate our achievements. It is easy to communicate and talk to any member of the team and I love my job here."

"I have had many jobs but this has been the best career move by far! Support and training whenever it is needed. Feeling like family. Work and fun combined with fun days organised. Praise. Common goals and direction to achieve these. Reward. Team spirit. Commitment and loyalty by my employer in me. Approachable – ALWAYS."

"I like how the company provides recognition where deserved. People here are approachable. My manager always makes sure I am ok, which is great and she is good role model."

"Success is recognised, rewarded and shared. When we win, we win together."

"Despite massive growth, we still feel like a family. You get a sense that colleagues really care about each other and the job they're doing. We work hard to achieve our goals but we have loads of fun, along the way. We get many benefits that I have not encountered in other places I've worked, and I think it make's everyone feel valued and important."

"The management team and the company culture of a caring family make it a great place to work. I would like to mention that my manager James Pocock is excellent, very supportive and motivating. Even though I know I could potentially make more money in the commercial department I would not move as James is so great to work for."

"There is no pressure to perform to the targets given as we are treated as a team not as individuals."

"I think Autorama is a great place to work for because everyone here is approachable – it feels like a massive family. I don't get up in the morning thinking negatively about work – I'm happy to go in."

"It is a very friendly environment and everyone is like part of one big family, everyone is on hand and happy to help. Probably one of the best companies I have worked for."

"Where to start! This is the happiest and fulfilled that I have been in my career, I am both challenged and supported in my Role and enjoy working with everyone that I meet."

"Positive focused environment."

"The energy levels, there are constant things going on, not being constantly pestered, it's fairly laid back, the pay makes life move faster. I can do as much as I want without ever worrying about money, when from a background that this wasn't always the case is a nice feature."

"Andy makes sure everybody is as happy as he can, trying to make work fun. He truly believes that looking after his staff is the no.1 priority and that the rest will follow."

"Everyone works as a team. All staff are cared for and feel appreciated for the work we do."

"The atmosphere and kindness of the people who work here is great and helps this be a great workplace."

"Trust and support from all levels of the business on a daily basis, along with a certain amount of freedom to work to your own personal beneficial traits."

"The people who work here – all sociable, down to earth and supportive. Work colleagues feel like family. Great ethics and motivation constantly being spread around the business from management and motivational schemes such as the Fantasy Football and general treats that Andy puts on for us – shows he appreciates us."

"The general atmosphere is very positive for everyone regardless of how long they have worked here. People are always laughing and smiling which is great to see."

"Customers are treated very fairly, but if a mistake is made then the company as a whole does everything they can to correct and compensate, which makes it a nice place to work. The MD is genuinely interested in the well-being of all staff."

"The people are great to work with, we also know how to have fun and the job done!"

"The overall culture of the business is very me I love the busy pace and changing environment. Although I've been with this company now for just under a year. It continues to shock me by constantly exceeding my expectations. Although continually growing it's like one big happy family I absolutely love working here it's brilliant."


"There is an amazing feeling of family here. No matter what your position is everybody treats everyone like an equal. I can honestly say I absolutely love coming to work every day. I feel like I am valued. All the staff are rewarded with such amazing and spontaneous gestures of kindness by the owner. There is a very friendly, happy vibe every day you walk into work. I can only really say thank you for allowing me to be part of such a fantastic company."

"It is hard to put into words why Vanarama is such a great place to work. It's a feeling, an atmosphere, very friendly, everyone is so helpful and caring. Everyone is always smiling, we all want to be the best at what we do and great customer services built around strong compliance is at the heart of everything we do. Time flies by here, before you know it it's time to go home. My manager has to kick me out some nights as I just lose track of time! I enjoy every part of my role, which is varied and mentally" stimulating. Just a joy to work here.

"The fast-paced environment, great team ethics and company culture which has not been lost in our rapid growth."

"The people."

"Everyone is so warm and willing to help. I feel like I can approach anyone and they will help regardless of the situation. There is never a situation I feel lost or helpless. The way in which this company values their workers and keeping them happy is second to none. They truly understand the value of keeping workers happy and healthy. Treats and rewards for hard work are amazing and i have no problem recommending this company to my friends. I have already referred 2 people to work here as it is such an amazing working environment."

"Great money, friendly staff."

"Lively atmosphere – always growing, great team."

"Everyone is very loyal here and there is a great atmosphere in all departments – it has a very family feel about it and everyone gets on and will help each other out which is something I've never had in any other workplace. Ideas are listened to and actioned quickly and at any level as well."

"Such an exciting company to work for, we have empowerment to make decisions which are best for our customers. The company provides excellent working conditions & always ensure we have all the tools we require to carry out work. Also, provide a doctor weekly and massage/relaxation sessions for all staff also encourage healthy living with providing gym membership and fresh fruit lots of staff benefits fun days & meals/party's such a fun environment to work within."

"There are loads of initiatives to work harder and achieve great results. The company work on making everyone enjoy coming to work and everyone here loves the company. The owner of the company makes his face known around the offices and always says hello. We have monthly updates with the whole company to see how well we are doing; the results always being positive."

"Vanarama is a great place to work, it's fun and busy with great Incentives to drive the teams. Everyone gets on well and is made welcome when joining the business."

"I have never before worked in a company that has offered so many perks to the staff as Vanarama does. I truly believe that Andy Alderson wants the best for the whole team at Vanarama. He's always looking at ways to improve staff wellbeing and moral. I highly recommend to everyone that this is 'THE BEST COMPANY TO WORK FOR'."

"The fact it feels like one big family all working together and helping each other."

"People are cheerful and willing to help. Innovative ideas are accepted. Management understand when changes need to be made to make processes easier."


"On the day of my interview, there was an event going on at Vanarama. It was bring your pet and family to work day, in celebration of one of the managers being newlywed. The atmosphere in the building on that day was intense! It made me want to be a part of that enthusiastic atmosphere. Having since started my journey with Vanarama I've moved between two departments, and that same enthusiasm that I saw on the day of my interview has been in this building since day one, and I've been here just over a year now."

"Vanarama is probably one of the best companies I've had the full pleasure of working for. They appreciate everything you do, provide days out, and really listen to your individual needs. They will go out of their way for you. They have a different take on internal training which is amazing! Daily available fruit and free teas and coffees. Great Christmas parties, and events throughout the year, it truly does feel like you are part of something bigger than a company, but more of a family."

"I'm proud to be a part of this company, and be joining them on their journey into the future!"

"It is a fun and very well organised job. They recognise good efforts and always interested in what is happening"

"A real sense of team camaraderie, clear vision and an energy that breeds success. We accommodate lots of different needs, career goals and skill sets. We have promoted from within very successfully, moved people into more suitable positions when they haven't worked in another area. And we make work lots of fun!"

"I enjoy it because it is a lot closer to home compared to my previous job, which means I get more down time and can spend valuable time with my family, enhancing my morale. They make it clear when we have done a good job and are very quick to reward that. Not only is it a company focused on providing great customer service (like most companies) it also recognises staff are very important too and is always ensuring we are happy with what we are doing and also treats us when applicable!"

"Feeling comfortable to go to your manager with new ideas and knowing that they will be listened to and more than likely be put in to place. Also, knowing that if there is a family emergency the company are very understanding and do what they can to help."

"Everyone is so friendly and passionate about working here positive vibes from all, strong leadership from senior staff, forever rewarding employees for their hard work. Many extra-curricular activities inside and outside of work make me want to work hard to carry on enjoying these treats."

"This company has a real fun vibe but at the same time a very motivating place of work. I think the saying 'Work hard and Play harder' would be a great catch phrase for us. Autorama is a great place to work and I am so excited to see what the future holds for this company and for me in this company."

"No matter what level you are at in the business everyone's cares and everyone matters. We are like family."

"Get on with all the employees, good pay, good management."

"The people you work with are a big part of why a workplace is great. If you've got colleagues that you can depend on, that you can talk to, that you like, then it makes going to work great. I've been in companies before where there have been tension/feuds between personnel/departments and it doesn't make going to work a fun thing to do. Work needs to be fun and enjoyable if possible, especially when we spend the hours that we do here. You have to work hard, and play hard, and with free gym membership, yoga sessions, massage sessions we get that here. I believe that everyone genuinely is striving for the same goal here, and that is to deliver brilliant levels of service to all of our customers."

"The leader of the company. He is a great boss and goes out of his way to look after his staff. No one is treated as a number but an individual. The company is growing rapidly and we are taking on a number of staff on a weekly basis. Everyone is made to feel welcome and we work as one team. We are always rewarded for the work we do, and company nights out are a great way to get the team together."

"The company cares a lot about its employees."

"Variation every day. Great team spirit."

"Everything, the complete aura of the business, the ability to be happy at work on a daily basis and not feeling stressed."