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What would make this a better place to work?

What would make this a better place to work?

The only thing would be to upgrade the phone system but as this is already being done in the near future then I think everything is great.

I believe that they are ticking all the boxes for a great employer.

I can't think of anything as nothing needs changing.

Getting into our new building sooner, very excited!

I often feel like I don't have the best work-life balance. I think the working day is a little longer than I'd like and for me 8:30 feels like too early.

More personal development opportunities. Not really asked what we want and where we would like to be in the future within the organisation.

There isn't much I can say that would make this a better workplace as it's already a lovely company to work for. The only thing is I think sometimes it feels like other departments get more praise or incentives for things they do and it seems unfair towards other departments.

My only real concern is the level of noise within the workplace. We are very busy and at times and sometimes noise cannot be kept down, but the MD has assured me the new building with have much better acoustics.

More training for some of the management team.

Removing the restriction on holiday in March and September. As we get larger the strain of holiday decreases across the business – we actually make it hard for ourselves by trying to make people take 12 months' worth of holiday in 10 months. Also, reviewing the holiday allowance across the whole business. Again, as we grow we could potentially offer more holiday. An alternative to giving people more holiday might be giving people the option to buy more holiday at the start of each year. Perhaps up to a maximum of up to 5-10 extra days it might also be a case the management packages are reviewed, I would image in larger organisations as you climb from team leader to manager, the perks or package get better along the way.

Having people do a job role who can actually do it, based on experience, knowledge and ability.

Nothing more needed.

As the business is growing, you do lose the feeling of everyone knowing everyone. When I started there were 30 people and everyone was best friends. I understand that when you expand its harder to hold onto that. The work that Vanarama do to introduce new starters is good, but there is room for improvement.

At this stage I really do not know. It is very close to perfect, maybe a 5.00pm finish every day with a half hour lunch would be the cherry on top of the cake.

Allow more people off on holiday at once.

I think the company would benefit from more inter-departmental training and communication to make sure everyone's knowledge is up to date and allowing them to action one call resolutions more often. There are also areas where customer service should be a bit more emphasised more than just the target, ensuring customer's needs are kept. And lastly, but most importantly, a bigger supply of the galaxy hot chocolate.

Understanding that some people do live a lot further away than others – tailoring hours for those individuals. The ability to sell/buy holiday. Re-assessing workloads as the business grows.


I genuinely believe that I'm lucky to work here and I can't think of how they will make it better – but they always do! We all have access to a doctor weekly, we have regular social outings, there is always training and courses available and the management team really do care about their people.

I cannot think of anything that needs improving at this time.

More managers/team leaders. I feel that a lot of the managers/team leaders aren't around much of the time due to other responsibilities such as meetings and training days, etc. I feel like I struggle to find my manager a lot of the time when I have issues with customers and orders, etc, which causes delays and frustration for everyone involved.

I would personally love a small reduction in working hours. I believe there could be more communication on future plans before they are implemented, although I appreciate this is not always practical/possible.

Keep thinking of different ideas for ways to motivate the staff to keep it fresh. (Monetary incentive plans, Different rewards/treats, themed nights). As the company grows, having a few get togethers to integrate the new members of staff and enable people to get to know people that they don't necessarily deal with on a daily basis. Focus groups with all staff to go through issues that arise on a daily basis within your role with the people who are coming across them, not just management.

To make this a better workplace, I feel that we would need a little more enthusiasm and got to be with different departments a lot more.

A better understanding of one another's roles, greater availability of management time.

The communication within the company could be better, but this has been addressed now that team leaders are checking in with their teams every day to listen to any concerns or queries.

A little earlier finish.

Everything that could make this workplace better has either been implemented or tried.

If I didn't have to sit through traffic every day it would be PERFECT.

The Vision and care this company demonstrates across the board continually surprises and exceeds my expectations.

For me, I'd like a sound training plan that helps to get me to the next level in the team. I then need that to be my focus. I also think we need a solid promo plan, so that deadline set are achievable. Also, I think we're great at celebrating companywide success, but I think there are a number of occasions where individuals do some great work and I think it would be nice for not only our boss to recognise this, but also other members of senior/middle management.

I don't think there is anything that could make the workplace any better and as long as we continue the way we are at the moment I look forward to a long career here.

More comfortable chairs.

In all honesty, other than a bigger building nothing. I love my job and the company I work for.

There is nothing I can think of.

New building will make a massive difference. I would personally love to be involved with more training if appropriate.

When we get into the new building in 2017 – and parking becomes easier.

The two things that I can think of (more on-site parking and a staff canteen) are already in the pipeline as we are soon to move into our new premises.

More investment in improving our CRM system and improving the management of the car website would help me to earn more money.

My promotion.

More fluid communication between individual departments.

More holiday. Or the option to buy a holiday, it's a repetitive job, it can get very boring.

Some of the Management team are just "YES" people and I feel if more people challenged rather than just agreed on a regular basis this company could be even better.

Everyone knowing what each department's job roles entail. This will help when passing customers through to each other.

If we stopped for a couple of weeks and looked at the direction we are heading and put in place an infrastructure to handle this, not go from one idea to another with never getting a target set at lower levels or achieving a goal. A better pay structure. The Company is growing but when staff at a lower level see this it is very unsettling as they don't know quite what is happening.

Some additional incentives.

I think everyone should have their birthday off as an extra day's holiday :)!

Cleaners improving on their standards in cleaning our work spaces, not having to do it myself :)!!

More attention given to HR matters which seem to be slipping as the organisation grows. It can be very difficult to know who to speak to for certain matters. Having an HR person would bring clarity and also an impartial view on matters. Also more regular reviews and appraisals within the management team, managers are rarely appraised which can make it difficult to know how you're performing.

Looking forward to moving into our new premises as we need more space.

I can't think of anything

To be completely honest I don't think I could possibly suggest anything.

A shower so that I can ride to work once a week!


I have honestly never experienced anything like this company so I couldn't suggest improvements.

Our holiday rule I think could be changed.

More thought put into CRM system changes before being implemented – more notice given before process change.

An outside area for lunch – which I know it's being sorted in our new building.

Not sure it could be better.

Personally, I feel this has been the friendliest and well achieved work place, haven't yet had any problems to make this a better workplace.

We are waiting to move into our bigger offices in the new year. This will make the work place better as we will have more space and Facilities.

We are expanding the business daily and need to move into our new location so that we can continue to recruit to maintain and service the volume of new customers to our business. This is already in progress and will be great once we are in.

Not much you can do to make it better.

Team building sessions for the whole company to get to know everyone better. Having time to develop professionally. Having the resources in place for new projects.

Better opportunities / salary ladder.

I honestly cannot fault what the company provide so far. The only thing is not having use of the free Gym Membership that they offer, which is not their fault I live in the opposite direction. But maybe something will be put in place in the new building...who knows.

I think the only thing they can possibly do to go that extra step further, is to go completely paperless, and offer mobile/tablet apps for customers, making the experience with ourselves all that bit more personal. Otherwise, I'm proud to be a part of the company!

We have changed the hours to make it shorter day and hopefully more flexibility will be in the future. I would change nothing else about the work place.

The Scaling Up Process will give us many of the structures to do what is required to make Vanarama even better and hugely successful. We are already reviewing people engagement despite high levels to ensure we are doing everything possible to really engage with our people. We also need to look into one or two remuneration schemes to ensure that we pay people for what they can truly influence.

To have the opportunity to buy extra holiday, and also to be able to take Holiday During March and September as the demand hits other areas of the company a month later, which leads to a lot of the team to take time off in April and October causing the team a lot of work at their busiest time. More flexible hours for people that have quite a drive to get in.

Senior staff to carry on doing what they're doing, it's already a great place to work, keep it up :)

I think sometimes Vanarama could be more open with its staff about future plans. We could be slightly fairer within the business as some members of staff seem to get preferential treatment.

I would say the use of a cafeteria, but we are already getting that so am looking forward to that.

The only thing I can really think of is having a gym or a cocktail bar in the office however not sure if we can stretch to this.

Better work stations.

Greater flexibility on Holidays, ability to book holidays in March/September.