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The Regional Representatives Customer Video competition – handy hints and tips


Your helpful guide to filming customer testimonials...

So, you're delivering a new vehicle to a customer and you want to film your first customer video for the Regional Representatives Customer Video competition. To get you churning out films like Universal Studios, the Vanarama Marketing Team has put together a handy guide of everything you'll need to start.

Don't forget, you can always get in touch with Kristy Taylor (, 01442 838 197) if you have any questions this guide doesn't answer.

Good luck, and happy filming!

PS – Remember, 6 customer videos are required as a minimum for entry, and the person who sends the most videos to HQ wins the £500!


Equipment checklist

  • Your mobile phone (to film the customer video)
  • A happy Vanarama customer (easy to find)
  • A happy Vanarama customer's new vehicle (also easy to find)
  • Yourself (to hold your mobile phone and ask the questions below)


Questions to ask

  • Now that your vehicle is here, what are your first impressions?
  • What did you like most about working with Vanarama?
  • What made it easy to find the right vehicle for you?
  • How did you find the speed of service?
  • Finally, would you recommend Vanarama to friends and family?


How to record a video on your smartphone

  • Unlock your phone…yes, this guide does get more helpful, we promise.
  • Click on the camera app on your phone's home screen (on Apple's iPhones it's usually already on the home screen, on other mobile phones such as Android or Windows phones it is either on the home screen or the toolbar at the foot of the screen).
  • Once in your camera app, make sure it's filming what's in front of you, and isn't stuck on selfie setting.
  • Check the lighting settings match the weather – around the edge of the camera view will be a picture of a lightbulb, cloud, fluorescent light or sun, tap this picture and change it to the picture that most accurately reflects the weather.
  • Hold your phone horizontally – this will give you the best picture. (Vertical filming will cause two big black bars to appear either side of your video and look strange when we upload to Facebook or YouTube.)
  • Frame the happy customer standing in front of their new vehicle.
  • When you are ready to film, tap your finger on the picture of the video camera – usually the camera app defaults to single shots when opened, you will have to tell it to shoot video.
  • Ask your customer to look into the camera aperture.
  • Ask the questions in turn.
  • Press the stop button.
  • Your phone should save the video in its gallery.
  • Done!


Filming tips

  • Hold your phone horizontally while filming – this makes it easier to fit your customer and their vehicle on-screen at once.
  • Film the customer in front of their new vehicle from the side.
  • Try not to show the registration plate – we'll only have to edit it out later and it's a bit fiddly.
  • Keep the video to one minute long – or thereabouts.
  • Remember, you'll be filming them on the happy day of delivery – use that happiness and let them talk about you, the company and their vehicle in glowing terms.
  • Upload the videos to Kristy Taylor in the marketing team via the upload form below. Just add your name, upload your file and tap a quick message containing the customer's name and vehicle model.


How to send your video

The video files you capture will not be huge…but they'll be too big to email. That's why we've set up a handy little form below where you can upload your videos.

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