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Lowest Price Guaranteed
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Lowest Price Guaranteed
FREE 30-Day Returns
Rated Excellent
£250 Cashback On Every Vehicle
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What Electric Cars Are Available To Lease?

With more and more drivers looking to make the switch from conventional, combustion-engined cars to electric, there has never been a better time to learn why leasing an electric car is the perfect way to leave old school motoring behind.

A range of incentives – from government plug-in grants for new electric vehicles to hugely beneficial company car tax rates – means EVs are becoming ever more affordable. When combined with the ease and comfort of a lease that guarantees affordable, fixed monthly payments, there really hasn’t been a better time to consider leasing a new EV.

What Are The Benefits Of Leasing An Electric Car?

  • Leasing guarantees you the very latest tech

  • At Vanarama we can bring you the very latest models from all the major manufacturers of electric cars, which means every time you lease you can be sure you will be behind the wheel of a brand-new EV with the latest technology.

  • Qualify for the government plug-in grant even when you lease

  • All EVs with a list price of less than £35,000 qualify for a £2500 grant from the government. This will be deducted from the cost price of the car before your monthly lease payments are calculated, ensuring you get the full benefit of the grant. A full list of EVs that qualify for the plug-in grant is shown at the bottom of this article.

  • Every leased EV comes with road tax and a full manufacturer’s warranty

  • All cars leased from Vanarama are taxed for the length of the lease and have full manufacturer warranties that will ensure that your EV is protected for the duration of your lease agreement.

  • Save thousands in running costs

  • With both recharging and maintenance costs lower than you’ll be used to its possible to save thousands of pounds over the lifetime of a lease.

  • Know what you’ll be paying each and every month

  • Your monthly lease payments will be agreed in advance and are fixed for the duration of the lease, giving you the comfort of knowing what you’ll be paying each and every month.

  • Incredibly low rates of tax for business lease drivers

  • If you’re an employee or director at a company, you can enjoy significantly lower ‘benefit in kind’ rates if you opt for a business lease on an electric car.


Some Useful Tips To Help You Choose An Electric Car Lease

With ever increasing choice in the electric car showroom, it can help to have a few simple questions answered before you take your pick.

  • Understand what mileage range your choices can offer and make sure that range suits your regular journeys over a normal driving week.

  • Find out if a home charging point is included with your electric car lease? At Vanarama we are offering everyone who leases an electric vehicle through us a free smart charger if you have a private, off-road parking space available to install it.

  • Work out if you can get a charge where you work – many employers are installing free chargers for their staff – or check that there are charging points along your commute that will allow you to make a quick stop for a top-up charge.

  • Does your budget stretch to an EV with a bigger battery pack and hence longer range? Many EVs today can go over 250 miles on a single charge which means that for most owners, you rarely have to do any more charging than a weekly overnight boost at home.

How To Lease An Electric Car

The leasing process for electric vehicles is the same as for any conventional petrol or diesel car. To get into the latest electric cars with Vanarama, just follow these simple steps:

Choose The EV That Most Suits Your Need

With more and more EVs coming to market there are fantastic lease deals available for drivers on every budget. From entry-level models like a Smart ForFour or Renault Zoe through to premium machines like an Audi e-Tron or Tesla Model S, the choice is yours.


Find Out If You Can Get A Home Charger Installed

All new EVs come with a standard charging cable which allows you to charge from any standard mains socket but with Vanarama you can get a dedicated electric car home charging unit installed for free when you lease a car through us. If you already have a home charger or cant get one fitted, then we will provide you access to the UK’s largest and most cost effective network with 8000 free electric miles! Terms and conditions apply.

Configure Your Lease Deal

Once you know which electric car you want and whether you qualify for a free home charger, it’s time to pick your ideal lease deal.

  1. First decide how long you want the car for. Normally people opt for a two, three or four-year deal.

  2. Work out how much initial rental payment you want to make. You can generally decide to put down one, three, six or nine months’ worth of the monthly rental price for your car. Remember, the more you can afford to pay upfront, the cheaper your remaining monthly payments will be.

  3. Select an annual mileage – this can range from 8,000 to 30,000+ miles per year depending on the model you choose.

  4. Decide if you want to include an optional maintenance package, which can cover maintenance for general wear and tear items (but not damage caused by driver error).

  5. Make sure you’ve arranged insurance. All lease cars have to be insured before they hit the road. Remember, unless your deal is specified as a ‘Total Care’ agreement and states that insurance is included with the monthly payments, it’s your responsibility to arrange for your EV to be insured from the day it is delivered.

EVs That Currently Qualify For The Government’s £2500 Plug-in Car Grant

  • Citroen ë-C4 – Sense Plus

  • Citroen ë-C4 – Shine

  • DS 3 Crossback E-Tense – Prestige

  • DS 3 Crossback E-Tense – Performance Line

  • Honda e

  • Hyundai IONIQ Electric – Premium

  • Hyundai KONA Electric (39kWh) – SE Connect

  • Hyundai KONA Electric (39kWh) – Premium

  • Kia e-Niro (39kWh) - 2

  • Mazda MX-30

  • MG MG5 EV

  • MG ZS EV

  • MINI Electric – Level 1

  • MINI Electric – Level 2

  • MINI Electric – Level 3

  • Nissan e-NV200 (5 Seater) – Visia

  • Nissan e-NV200 (7 Seater) – Visia

  • Nissan Leaf (40kWh) – Acenta

  • Nissan Leaf (40kWh) – N-Connecta

  • Nissan Leaf (40kWh) – Tekna

  • Peugeot e-2008 – Active Premium

  • Peugeot e-2008 – Allure

  • Renault ZOE

  • SEAT Mii electric

  • Skoda Citigo-e iV

  • Skoda ENYAQ iV 60 Nav – Loft

  • Skoda ENYAQ iV 60 Nav – Lodge

  • Smart EQ fortwo

  • Smart EQ forfour

  • Vauxhall Corsa-e

  • Vauxhall Mokka-e – SE Nav Premium

  • Volkswagen e-Golf

  • Volkswagen e-up!

  • Volkswagen ID.3 Pro (58kWh 145PS) – Life

  • Volkswagen ID.3 Pro Performance (58kWh 204PS) – Life

To be eligible for the grant, cars must cost less than £35,000. This is the recommended retail price (RRP) and includes VAT and delivery fees. The grant will pay for 35% of the purchase price for these vehicles, up to a maximum of £2,500.

Check out our full range of EV leases available right now.

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