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Land Rover Lease Deals

Land Rover hardly needs an introduction. The very first Land Rover appeared on the market 65 years ago, back in 1945. Its tough, versatile nature and abilities when it comes to off-road driving instantly grabbed attention. Now, two million vehicles later, Land Rover is still a byword for solid, reliable, off-road vehicles.

Those six decades of design and development have reached their height with the production of the latest Defender on the market. There's a power bulge on the bonnet that gives a clue to the pulling power it offers – with a state-of the art 2.2 litre diesel engine and fanatic torque – it’s what the Land Rover is renowned for.

All over the world, people rely on the Land Rover Defender – emergency services and professionals’ bank on its tough chassis and pulling power to meet the requirement s of their jobs. Rescue services, quarrying, agriculture, forestry civil engineering, oil exploration and lots more – these are the kinds of industries that rely on the Land Rover Defender every day

It has been designed to cope with extreme landscapes – so climbing and descending hills is no problem – the 360Nm of torque and the six-speed gearbox combined with dual-range transfer box offer an extra six gears, along with a low-range reverse gear, so the vehicle can cope with gradients as steep as 45 degrees. An underbody ground clearance of 323mm also helps the Defender cope with a multitude of terrains that other vehicles struggle with.

There are nine body styles to choose from, including the Hard Top, Pickup, Double Cab Pickup, Chassis cabs and Station wagon – so surely something to suit every situation. With three different wheelbases, that adds up to a lot of choices when you come to choose your new Land Rover.  Depending on the body type you choose, there will be seating for up to seven people.

The Defender has an awful lot to offer whether you are using the vehicle for work, or for fun and exploring, and to ensure you get the bet out of your Land Rover, owners can benefit from world-class hands-on training through the Land Rover Experience centre network.

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