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10 things you don't know about Brexit...number 8 is a shocker!

Published on Tuesday 17 January 2017 in Van News

10 things you don't know about Brexit...number 8 is a shocker!

The reviews are in, and overall Prime Minister Theresa May's all-important Brexit roadmap speech has been rated "disappointing" – probably not the impact the Government was hoping for – light on facts and more like a wish list. Vanarama's Tom Roberts reports.

Let's gloss over that, following the speech, we're not really any closer to understanding what Brexit will ACTUALLY look like, just what the Government WOULD LIKE it to look like. This speech is seven months in the making – yes, it really has been seven months – and provides us with the best idea of what our Government will be out for in the negotiations. So, let's take a look at the ten most important things we heard in Theresa May's speech on her plans for Brexit.


1. The final deal that comes out of the negotiation process will be put to a vote in Parliament.

Fair play, that's a big promise to make and a welcome one. We voted for our MPs, it's only fair as our representatives that they get a vote on what Mrs May's government can pull together.


2. May stated: "The UK must leave the EU single market."

I think we all saw this coming. For better or worse, this is the path the PM intends to follow. Hard Brexit – sounds like a local ale. Two pints of Hard Brexit, please.


3. The PM made it clear that Brexit must mean "control of the number of people who come to Britain from Europe".

There was no explanation of how this would be achieved, just that several ways of doing it are being looked at. Through a huge comedy magnifying glass?


4. May wants tariff-free trade with the EU and a new customs agreement.

Despite having both of these as a member, once we leave we'll be after them both. Sounds a bit "having your cake and eating it" to me.


5. The PM said again that once we leave the single market, the UK will no longer pay "huge sums" to EU budgets.

But she did say that we would still be making "appropriate contributions" to be part of European schemes – whatever that means. Anyone else getting reminded of that £350m promise on the side of the bus?


6. Mrs May was clear that we will no longer be bound by the European Court of Justice when we leave.

And she's right, but it's not really THAT surprising. When we leave, we leave it all.


7. Whatever Brexit deal we get will not leave Britain "half in, half out".

So, there will be no getting in a couple halves of Hard Brexit before last orders for us!


8. The same rules and laws will apply the day after Brexit as they did before.

That's comforting to know – we all know the basics, just keep doing what we're doing. Thankfully, gravity falls under the things we will keep when we leave the EU.


9. There will be no "blow-by-blow" account of the negotiations once Article 50 is triggered.

There she goes again with the telling us she won't be telling us how it's all panning out.


10. Erm…er…I…number ten…hmmm...

There isn't a number 10 because number 9 was so good!


Final thoughts

There we go. Ten (sort of) things we heard in Theresa May's Big Brexit Break-up Speech. Some of it we've heard a lot already, others – such as the final deal being put to MPs for a vote – we heard confirmed for the first time.

So, what do you think? Are the PM's plans achievable? Are they wishful thinking? How confident are you in her ability to get the best deal? How do you think Brexit will affect your business? Let us know – we're looking forward to seeing what you think.