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How to build your business into a brand

Published on Tuesday 18 August 2015 in The Shoestring Marketing Blog

How to build your business into a brand

"My brand is sorted!"

A builder told me this at a local networking event I attended recently. He was referring to his logo which had been revamped by a designer. Ok he had a good business with the potential to transform into a brand but, at that moment in time he had the promise of good things to come; not a brand.
You see, a brand is more than an attractive logo. Here's the best definition of branding I've come across.
"A brand is a promise to your customers, the totality of perceptions about a product, service or business, the relationship customers have with it based on past experiences, present associations and future expectations. Brand reality is always defined by the customers view."
So if you want to build a brand you must deliver great products and services - all gift wrapped in a fantastic customer experience – today and tomorrow.

Here are 3 tips to help you build your brand – shoestring style.

1.    Be clear about what you offer - successful brands are built on sales. And sales are built on prospects knowing exactly what you offer, the benefits they'll get from buying your services and, why you're positively different to competitors. Spend a little time revisiting your products and services. Jot down the benefits you offer and then develop a series of simple but powerful statements that answer the question "Why should I do business with you?"

2.    Be consistent with your delivery. Successful brands deliver a consistently high standard of service through every communication channel. Revisit all your prospect and customer touch points. When you're busy do standards drop? When you're quiet do you focus on selling to the detriment of service? Pull yourself up! Every time a prospect or customer contacts you it's a moment of truth; an opportunity for you to exceed their expectations or underwhelm them.

3.    Your logo does count as do your sales communications including your website. If your communications look worn and shabby your customers will find it hard to trust you so upgrade! It's the same turning up to quote for a job in a battered old van. What does it say about you? If the shoe was on the other foot what would you think? 'Here's a professional I can trust', or 'He looks like a cowboy and one that hasn't got two pennies to rub together at that'.
Good luck with your brand building efforts.

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About our guest blogger and marketing expert Dee Blick

Our guest blog writer is Dee Blick, a Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Fellowship is the highest status awarded by CIM, the World's largest marketing body.

With 30 years' marketing experience, Dee has extensive experience in new product development and marketing strategy, with a track record of planning and delivering exceptional campaigns on a shoestring budget.