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How Vanarama helped Andrew's business

Published on Monday 18 December 2017 in Van News

How Vanarama helped Andrew's business

Why lease with Vanarama?

You can't beat the prestige and reputation that comes with driving a brand-new vehicle. For Andrew Kerr and his company, ACM Property Services, a new van from Vanarama was just what he needed to give his business a real boost. Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

Andrew's company is predominantly in property refurbishment, so having a van that he can rely on daily to get him to customers is a must.


Caddy loving

Andrew opted for the classic Volkswagen Caddy, the perfect blend of practicality and comfort - a safe bet for small van drivers.

Storage space is a real key feature – this thing's got more than enough room for Andrew, his work tools and MORE!


Why Vanarama?

It's fair to say Andrew was a leasing novice when he approached Vanarama, and upon his first enquiry he dealt with Vanarama's Alex Dukes, who advised him throughout the whole process.

Consistency is an important element of Vanarama's company values and Alex ensured Andrew felt the full effects of a business who really cares.

"Alex was truly brilliant", answering every question, no matter how big or small – from how the basic leasing process works, to what happens at the end of the leasing period. Andrew's email queries were answered with a phone call from Alex within the hour every time.

The option to complete forms online with e-signing was another way that Vanarama made the process as easy as possible for Andrew.


New van for a new man

Andrew relies on a vehicle daily to get him from job to job - his previous van was a nightmare and he was constantly paying to maintain it.

Getting a brand-new van solved all of his problems because he no longer had to worry if his van would start in the morning. Vanarama's vans are all brand-new meaning they're unlikely to have any faults during the leasing period – and if they do, the vehicle warranty will cover them anyway.

Most importantly, leasing has allowed Andrew to save money, meaning he could spend his savings on valuable equipment for his company. The better the tools, the better the service to Andrew's customers – bingo!

Driving a new van gave Andrew a massive confidence boost. Leasing with Vanarama was the first time he's been able to drive a brand-new vehicle, and this did wonders for his self-esteem – not to mention boosting his professional company image.


The final word

Our main goal is customer satisfaction. So, to know Andrew is satisfied with his van and that his customers are satisfied with his work in turn, means that's our job DONE!

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