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Mercedes Sprinter Drivers - New law offers good news

Published on Tuesday 23 April 2013 in Van News

We recently reported that criminals were targeting catalytic converters on Mercedes Sprinter vans. Well, the scrap metal thieves may be foiled, as new laws on trading in scrap have been passed and are due to come into force later this year.

Sharp increases in criminal scrap metal trading have lead to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act. The Act will introduce licensing for all traders and enable police and councils to take action against rogue traders by revoking their licence and recovering the cost of any investigation.

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act has already banned cash on transactions at scrap yards, but now magistrates will also be able to impose unlimited fines on those flouting the ban on cash transactions.

So, this is great news for the Mercedes Sprinter driver and all van drivers who want to hang onto their exhaust!