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New £1 coin designed to make “nicer jingle” in pocket

Published on Tuesday 28 March 2017 in Van News

New £1 coin designed to make “nicer jingle” in pocket

The Royal Mint has confirmed that the new 12-sided £1 coin has been specifically designed to make a more pleasant jingle when fiddled with in your pocket.

Responding to complaints that old £1 coins lose their cheerful jingle after decades of being used in trolleys, vending machines and bakeries, the Royal Mint's new-look coin will remove these problems by being unable to fit in coin slots or held in a human hand.

Professor Terry Flynn, Head of Coinology at King's College, said: "The £1 coin is part of our heritage, as British as our Royal Family, and its jingle is a hallmark of our proud traditions. You cannot walk down the street without hearing someone jingling their change in their pockets. I for one welcome the redesign – we're taking back our country from the EU, and this is just one more step towards doing so, or something."

Jim Philips, one of the new £1 coins (pictured above), slid out of the mint and told us: "Yes, I'm awkward to hold. Yes, I look like the £2 coin. No, there's no reason for me to have 12 sides. But did you know that if you hit me against another new coin that our jingle will sound like the National Anthem? Seriously, we're going to make peoples' pockets patriotic!"

DISCLAIMER – This is fake news.