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New year, new van!

Published on Friday 15 December 2017 in Van News

New year, new van!

Treat yourself to a new van in 2018...

Is there really a better time to lease than the start of a new year? Forget new year, new me…it's all about new year, new VAN! Vanarama's Laura Day takes a look at why leasing at this time of year is a great idea.

With 2018 just around the corner, why not start the new year off right – with a brand-new van!


Start as you mean to go on

Starting the new year with a budgeting mindset is the best way to save your pennies all year round. That's why leasing is such an affordable way to treat yourself. Trust me - once you go lease, you'll never go back!

Here's our top 7 reasons why you should lease at the start of the new year…

1. Saving money

If you were thinking about treating yourself to a new van around Christmas just in time for the new year, then leasing is the way forward.

It makes financial sense – with no huge upfront payment, a small deposit and manageable monthly costs, why wouldn't you want to lease?


2. Total Lease Care

This is FREE and exclusive to our Vanarama customers, offering enhanced breakdown cover across the duration of their lease agreements.

This means customers, their vehicles and their businesses are protected in the event of a disaster on the road.


3. Forget about vehicle depreciation

Worried about vehicle depreciation? No need, because on certain contracts you'll be handing it back at the end of the lease term anyway.


4. No warranty worries

All our brand-new vehicles come with 3-year warranties, and that's the typical length of a lease agreement – meaning you'll be covered in the event of any surprise repair work needed.


5. Prestige and peace of mind

You can't beat the feeling of driving a brand-new van!

The best thing about leasing is that you are the first and only driver – you know the vehicle's history and where it's come from, and if any surprise faults arise, your warranty should cover them.


6. Advanced safety and entertainment features

If you want all the latest gadgets, leasing a vehicle from Vanarama is the way to go. All our vehicles are brand-new, meaning they are geared up with some great technology.


7. Eco-friendly

Our vehicles are manufactured to meet the current emissions standards. So, making sure you're driving a brand-new vehicle, like one from Vanarama, means that you're keeping your carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

And there you have it, our top 7 reasons why you should lease this new year!


Mapping out my money

If you're thinking of purchasing a new van, but desperately want to cut your expenditure in the long run, leasing is the affordable way to get yourself behind the wheel of a brand-new van!

The new year is all about new year's resolutions, and if minimising your outgoings is one of them, leasing is the way to go. With just a small deposit and manageable monthly payments, you'll soon see that leasing is a money saving miracle!