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Van drivers urged to tune into the road

Published on Wednesday 20 November 2013 in Van News

More than a fifth of accidents are caused by drivers' inattention to the road. So says Brake, the motoring safety charity, which has launched Road Safety Week, an awareness raising initiative. Running a busy business ourselves we know what it's like when you have other things on your mind. It's all too easy to become distracted from the wheel when you are running late and with the increasing car-like refinement of vans, drivers can feel cocooned in a false sense of security.

At Vanarama we obviously sell to busy van drivers. So, without wishing to preach, we do feel it's important to do our part in spreading the message from Brake. This year's theme is 'Tune into Road Safety', making sure you pay attention to the road rather than be distracted by multi-tasking and always remember the six S's when on the road:



Secure (seatbelts)

Silent (no mobile phones)

Sharp (remember glasses)

Sustainable (try to opt for green alternatives)

As well as asking drivers to turn off their phones, Brake is urging us all to look out for ourselves and each other, no matter how we're using roads, for example by not speaking to someone else on the phone who's driving, and always remaining focused while on foot or bike.

Driving can be dangerous, but as long as you stay tuned in and calm while driving, there's no reason why it can't be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing parts of your day.

Enjoy your van and stay safe.