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Vanarama gets inspired and parties like it’s 2013

Published on Wednesday 05 February 2014 in Company News

At Vanarama we believe in the philosophy 'work hard and play hard'. So, just like the employees from many other self-respecting companies across the UK, the Vanarama staff were feeling a little delicate on Saturday morning after celebrating a hard-working and successful year with a well-earned Christmas party.

Before a champagne reception to lubricate the vocal chords for a sing-song with Dave the Builder from the Vanarama ad, the Vanarama team were treated to an inspirational speech by leading success coach Michael Heppell. In employing Michael to coach our staff, we join the ranks of well-respected companies and organisations like the BBC and Microsoft, amongst many others, who have also used Michael's services. Although we have not reached the heady heights of these organisations yet, the motivational presentation really helped us all understand how; by raising our level of service with brilliance as our benchmark, the world truly is our oyster.

And after the party poppers have settled and the hangovers cured, we are eagerly anticipating 2014. Total van and truck registrations were up by 22.7% last month, a great indicator of a pick-up in what may well be your market too - the building and related trades.

Thanks for all your support during 2013. If you are interested in raising the bar in your own business next year take a look at for some inspiration and ideas. Of course, if you are thinking raising the stakes with your van then look at our range and offers here.