Vanarama gets the nation talking with TV and radio ad campaign

In a bid to become the recognised name for commercial van leasing, we have taken the plunge and embarked on a national TV and radio advertising campaign. You may have already seen the advert, which sees purposefully cheesy van drivers sing the praises of Vanarama to Dean Martin's 'That's Amore'. It looks set to rival even Go Compare for its Marmite like ability to make viewers either love it or hate it, yet always remember it. It has already attracted mixed reviews on Twitter ranging from "that Vanarama advert song is stuck in my head - arghh!" to "that Vanarama advert is hilarious".

Already a key player in the van leasing market, we've decided to make this significant investment to help 'future-proof' the business and help people recognise our brand. Says Andy Alderson, Managing Director, "Of course, it's a risk when you take a huge step like deciding to advertise on the television, but the increased activity generated by the campaign, in such a short time is really exciting."

The campaign, currently running on Sky Sports, Sky Sports News and Talk Sport radio, is aimed at our target audience; small business owners and tradesmen who are "the heroes of our strengthening economy", according to Andy.

At Vanarama we believe that the often negative reputation of 'white van man' is undeserved. At the moment, white van man is in fact an incredibly important cog in the wheels of the UK economy. Many van drivers are associated with the construction industry in one form or another which is entering a period of growth. Comments Andy, "Britain's van drivers - and that's our customers - are busy, and they are expecting to get even busier. We know that our customers must be seeing an upturn in business as our enquiry figures have doubled."

As well as benefitting its direct sales business, the campaign aims to support Vanarama's growing regional network. Recognising that not all customers are happy to buy a big ticket item like a van over the internet, we launched our regional network last Summer, which has been rapidly expanding ever since and now has 24 regional representatives selling vans face to face to customers across a large chunk of the UK.

"Corny it might be, but the ad campaign is working - we're delighted that we've got the nation talking and importantly remembering Vanarama when they want a new van," says Andy.

Not made your mind up yet? If you've not made your mind up about the new Vanarama ad watch it again by clicking here.

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