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Vanatomy: Why van drivers are going nuts for the Mercedes-Benz Citan

Published on Friday 16 December 2016 in Van News

Vanatomy: Why van drivers are going nuts for the Mercedes-Benz Citan

The Mercedes-Benz Citan is so much more than just the badge, although the badge is one of the reasons you'd go for it. It sits in a packed sector of the van market – the big little vans – but what you go for can often be a brand thing. What do you want to drive? Fancy a Merc? Then give the Citan a try.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan has some good genes, it's essentially a Renault Kangoo, but with all the Mercedes tweaks and styling – so it combines a good drive and utility with the looks to boot. Vanarama customer Michael Pearson told us: "The van is lovely to drive. It's a big asset for us and looks good for the company." And he's not alone, more and more drivers are going for it because they want to make a statement.


Why should I get a Citan?

We could go on about how looks and practicality are combined in one affordable package, but we think our customer Adam Thornton explains it better. He told us: "We use the van for light duties, so wanted something cheap to run and easy to park in central London. It's very small but can handle some weight, is surprisingly car-like to drive and goes fast when it's empty. We were expecting a little more MPG, but it's not a guzzler. Inside, it's well equipped, a nice place to be and the seats are comfy."

It's also the only van in its class to be fitted with ESC as standard, which gives it a slight edge in the safety category. The ESC package is so clever that it will brake individual wheels to help keep control in bad weather conditions, and even compensate for a heavy load by getting involved earlier!


Is the Citan good value for money?

Mercedes promises mpg in the 60s across the Citan range thanks to the 1.5l diesel engine, and even its service intervals are longer coming up every 24,000 miles. Adam continued: "The deal we got from Vanarama was also crazy cheap – I don't know how they do it. I pay more for my mobile phone each month than I do for this Van! In all, a good van at a great price. I'm very pleased." We'll just let that all sink in for a moment before you check out the deal here.


Packing some space

The Citan is often compared to Dr Who's TARDIS because of its deceptive compact size – you wouldn't think to look at it, but it can carry up to 810kg – and assimetric back doors and a variety of load options make it capable of carrying loads of things in multiple ways.

Andrew Ogg, another happy Vanarama customers, said: "It's an outstanding little van. Bigger than I first thought it would be, I love it! I had a Volkswagen Transporter before and was apprehensive about going to this little Mercedes, but I have no doubt in my mind this is as every bit as good as the Transporter was. Couldn't be happier!"

So, all that needs to be said is check out the Citan. It might be just the vehicle you're looking for!