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Winter van driving tips to help keep you safe on the roads. Plus win a driving experience at Thruxton Skid Pan!

Published on Tuesday 06 January 2015 in Van News

Winter van driving tips to help keep you safe on the roads. Plus win a driving experience at Thruxton Skid Pan!

Improve your winter driving skills this winter. Plus....WIN a driving experience at Thruxton and become an expert in the ice!

With the winter well and truly set in, we could all do with a Master Class on how to drive in the wet and icy conditions! That's just what our Brand Director, Steve Mark experienced when he threw a Ford Transit Connect around the skid pan at Thruxton, learning some valuable lessons in van control along the way.

Skid Pan in a van!

There's nothing like learning through experience. So we've teamed up with Thruxton Motorsport Centre to offer two people the chance to win a Skid Pan Experience worth £99 each.

Taking *your own van onto the skid pan, in a safe and controlled environment, the instructor will help you develop the skills to correct and control a sliding van; a situation that you could easily encounter on public roads.

This is obviously great fun, but importantly a worthwhile activity for your own safety and the safety of your passengers. Sound driving knowledge will not only help you keep your van on the road during the winter months but in turn will keep your cash flow moving in the right direction.

Reassurance on the road

The training really does give you a confidence booster too, as Steve Mark says, "The skidpan replicates well the driving experience you would get on black ice. I'm not quite The Stig but learning to control the van in these conditions, in a controlled environment means I'm far more certain of myself when driving on ice on a public road."

Win a thrilling skidpan driving training day at Thruxton!

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While you are waiting to hear if you've won, take a look below at some pointers from Thruxton instructor Josh, on how to handle the worst the winter can chuck at us.

Keeping your van moving in the winter. Top Tips from Thuxton Instructor Josh

  • Winter tyres are fantastic this time of year, they aren't just for snow, they are designed to work in temperatures below 7 degrees celsius. Readily available now they vastly improve grip and control in wet, cold, icy conditions.
  • Give yourself plenty of room from other road users, especially on the motorway. The more room we have to access a situation the calmer and more confident the decision we make.
  • Have your van checked over by any local garage, there are plenty of companies offering free winter checks which are simple and straight forward but can make all the difference to a journey, especially making sure your tyre pressures are correct.
  • Keep a bag in the back of your van with blankets, water, food and torch in, this can make things much more comfortable if you have to spend the night in the van.
  • Finally get some driving training at Thruxton Skid Pan to give you the confidence to control a skidding van in a safe and controlled environment. We offer a number of courses and are very happy to let you use your own small van at our specially designed facility. There is Zero wear and tear on the vehicle and you may even start to enjoy it! https://www.thruxtonracing.co.uk/

Good luck with the competition and we hope our driving tips keep your van and your business moving during the winter!

*A small to medium sized van only. No large vans.

...and to give you a taster of what you can expect we took one of our own vans on the circuit for a spin (quite literally!)