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  • We are looking for a 5 seat pickup van. The vehicle must come within HMRC classified as below. (Currently, HMRC classifies these pickups as vans, as long as they have a payload of 1 tonne (1000kg) or more. A payload means the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight less its unoccupied kerb weight. Where a pickup has a hard top, this is given a generic weight of 45kg. So a pickup that has a payload of 1010kg will convert to a car under these definitions. So it’s important to ensure your pickup qualifies). Can you please advise us of your vehicles that would come within this range? We are looking for either a Business or Private Leasing for 3-4 years.

    Richard Wells

    Our expert Richard answered...

    Hi Kevin, thank you for leaving your question on the site. We would welcome the opportunity to go through and clarify the payloads of the pickup trucks available. The best option would be to get in touch over the phone to discuss the different makes and models you are interested in. Please let me know when would be the best time to get in contact. Sorry for being vague, however as you can appreciate, I would prefer to go over this in detail, at your leisure, to make sure I am informing you correctly. Speak to you soon. Kind regards, Richard Wells.


    Question asked 10/06/2015
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