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  • Hi Andy, We need to lease a vehicle through our Ltd Company. We need a vehicle that is both useful for towing, carrying cargo and also economical as well as being able to be used for four passengers if necessary. With todays econonmic climate all things such as tax, fuel economy, VAT etc have to be taken into account. Any suggestions please?

    Gary Lemon

    Our expert Gary answered...

    Hi Tracy and thanks for the question. It would really depend on what you need to tow exactly, or more importantly how much weight you want to tow . Assuming it is below 2000kg or 2 tonne then it may well be worth considering the popular Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive crew van

    It can comfortably carry six people including driver as well as leaving a fair amount of space for tools or cargo. It is well specified, has the new Euro 5 engine and is very economical. The official fuel economy figures for the Vivaro sportive are as follows: Ec Combined35.8 Ec Extra Urban39.8 Ec Urban30.7

    Obviously bear in mind that if you are towing and carrying pasengers then this will affect the overall fuel economy.

    From a tax point of View even though it can carry six people it is still classed as a commercial vehicle. So 100% tax allowable and 100% VAT reclaim.

    I hope that helps, and please give us a call if you need any more help or advice.


    Question asked 11/05/2012
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