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  • Interested in a Traffic LWB sport or similar vehicle. Not sure of purchase or lease etc. May require a second smaller vehicle.

    Gary Lemon

    Our expert Gary answered...

    Hi Carl,  thank you for getting in touch with us.  I’m sure you’re aware that there are a few options to choose from when leasing. With all the various packages available today, we are here to help find the best one to suit you. There are a lot of benefits for yourself and your business if you lease, not only the price but the tax benefits that our customers enjoy from leasing a new vehicle through their business. Monthly rentals are up to 100% tax deductible and you can claim back up to 100% of the VAT if you are VAT registered, though this is not a requirement. For further information, you can read more here: Alternatively, please let us know the best number to call you on and one of our experts will go over all the packages available and tailor make a solution that is right for not only your needs, but your pocket too.

    Question asked 03/01/2015
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