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  • I entered in to a debt management plan last year, which I'm still in. Would that affect my chances of financing a van off yourselves? Is it worth me even attempting it at all?

    Andrew Causer

    Our expert Andrew answered...

    Hi Craig, thank you for sending your question in. My best advice would be to check what credit score you have online, using a website such as That way you can judge your personal credit score and see if it shows a good pass mark. If it’s healthy, then there is a very good chance we can get a credit application set up for you. Each of our finance companies will have different under writing criteria so the credit decision could depend on a number of requirements on their scoring card system. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you so if you’re able to send us your contact details one of our experts will contact you straight away. Thank you again for sending your question in.  Kind regards, Andrew Causer

    Question asked 01/04/2015
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