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Citroen Berlingo Van Review

5 Stars (212 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Nathan Collings - 18/12/2019

    Very nice van throughout, although a little disappointing that the sport doesn't come with alloys as standard as it would look a lot nicer.

    5 Stars
  • James Burke - 28/11/2019

    Very happy with the van.

    5 Stars
  • Thomas Goulden - 20/11/2019

    Great vehicle - fits my needs perfectly.

    5 Stars
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  • Comfort: STARS
  • Quality: STARS
  • Reliability: STARS
  • Performance: STARS
  • Practicality: STARS
  • Running Costs: STARS
  • Value for Money: STARS

Our Review

Citroën Berlingo L1 H1 1.6 HDi 625Kg Enterprise 75PS Review

Some manufacturers try to palm you off with exaggerated claims that their vehicles are new when in fact they are little more than facelifts. However, Citroen’s latest Berlingo van – launched in 2012 – is a dramatic improvement on the previous model, with far more style and sophistication about it. Berlingo vans have swept the board with Fleet Van’s Van of the Year and Best Small Van of the Year awards for a second year in succession. Among others, it has also netted Trade Van Driver’s Best Small Van of the Year accolade. And rightly so, in our opinion.

At a glance

On the face of it, replacing the established 1.9 and 2.0-litre diesel engines with a 1.6-litre unit may seem like a step backwards, but diesel technology has come on at such a pace that Citroen’s smaller engines are better than the bigger old ones, so it is logical to use them and save weight. And that’s exactly what Citroën has done with the Berlingo. The old engines were admirable performers but the new 1.6 HDi is much better. The Berlingo is offered in either 75bhp or 90bhp specifications (the model on test here is the 75bhp version) and torque is increased and offered at lower revs than in the old 2.0-litre unit.

On the outside, the Berlingo has been given a feisty-looking new front end which endows the van with a chunkier, more solid look. The new bonnet is more horizontal and has been raised by 40mm. Headlamps are bigger and now have clear polycarbonate lenses, with beams and indicators in one cluster. The front bumper has also been raised. Other big news is the addition of a standard side-loading door on Enterprise models and the fact that this van will now run on up to 30% biodiesel.

Engines and spec.

Engine choice is kept simple with a straight division between 1.6-litre petrol and diesel motors. Customers can choose from a 90bhp petrol engine (which can be an LPG converted van through the Citroën dealer), or a class-leading 1.6HDi diesel with either 75bhp or 90bhp outputs. The petrol version may be swift enough, but for most users one of the diesels would seem a better fit.  Two wheelbase versions (L1 & L2) and four payloads (625kg, 725kg, 750kg and 850kg) in total are available. In summary, there are three trim levels (X, LX and Enterprise), no less than four engines (1.6i 95, HDi 75, HDi 90 and e-HDi 90), and five-speed manual or six-speed automated manual EGS6 gearboxes for customers to choose from.

At the wheel

Greater comfort and a better quality interior are the major features that stand out in the second-generation Berlingo. The driver's seat is set at just the right height for anybody on multi-drop delivery work who has to hop in and out of the vehicle umpteen times a day. That's just as well given that while the height of the steering column can be altered, the height of the seat can't be. Most people should find that the driving position is reasonably comfortable, on short journeys at least, with plenty of head and shoulder room. Deep windows give good vision ahead and to either side.

The cabin is fairly roomy and the materials used feel more expensive than on previous models. Oddments storage space includes a bin in each door with a moulding to accommodate a soft drink can, a rather small glove box with a shelf above it and a cubby-hole at the bottom of the dashboard with mouldings to hold a couple of cups. Look upwards and you'll find a shelf that runs the full width of the cab, positioned just above the windscreen.

In the rear compartment loads can be lashed to six tie-down points. A lip on the edge of the cargo bed should help stop unsecured items sliding forwards and finishing up in the cab, with a tubular steel frame mounted behind the driver's seat providing the occupant with some defence should anything heavy hurtle forwards.

All models come equipped with a trip computer, electric front windows and internally adjustable door mirrors. LX models add electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors and an external temperature display. All come with a CD stereo, while air conditioning is an option on LX models. Other items include a height-adjustable driver's seat with lumbar support and an armrest, height and reach adjustable steering, lidded glove compartment and a dashboard-mounted clipboard. Most versions also come with Smartnav navigation and Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking systems (the 1.6i X is the exception in the range as it's an entry-level van).The interior up front is workmanlike and practical, with everything where you'd expect it to be and simple and sturdy. The test vehicle came with an Enterprise pack, which adds air con, Bluetooth/USB connectivity and rear parking sensors which at £600 is a bit of a bargain. The Bluetooth telephone connection operated with the ease that few cars can manage and the seats give superb support and comfort

On the road

An eager little engine, the new 1.6-litre diesel gives lively performance both around town and on the open road; Nor will it cost you a packet at the pumps, as we averaged nearly 50mpg. A user-friendly gear-change aids progress and the Berlingo's wheel-at-each-corner stance benefits both the ride and the handling with little body roll. However, care needs to be taken not to change into reverse gear from fifth in expectation of a non-existent sixth!

On the security front, remote central locking comes as standard and when you're inside you can lock all the doors by pressing a button on the dashboard. The doors all lock automatically once you're in motion. With service intervals set at 12,500 miles, the Berlingo comes with a praiseworthy three year/100,000 mile warranty, with no mileage limit in the first two years.

Our Verdict

There’s no doubting that the Berlingo van has maintained popularity for very good reasons. It’s stylish, practical and performs well and is versatile enough for a broad range of business uses. There is a lot to like about the latest model including its efficient use of space in the cabin area, with three front seats (not available on the base model, only LX and above), two of which fold flat and extend the usable wheelbase in order to take long loads such as ladders. The silky smooth turbodiesel engines are so quiet and flexible you can easily forget you’re not in the petrol engined version, that is, until you experience the HDi units’ frugal fuel consumption. Parking sensors are a sensible addition and we particularly liked the full width overhead storage shelf, the removable dedicated sat nav which stores in the glove compartment and the useful ‘curry hook’ in the passenger foot well. On the debit side, we would have liked better shaped front seats for longer journeys and a little more leg room for the driver and passengers.

Our man with a van

Adrian Foster

Motoring journalist Adrian Foster has been commissioned to write impartial van and pick up reviews for our website, specifically to help with your decision making process. We have provided him with a van and the spec and nothing more, so you can rely on his views being real and honest.

Adrian began his career in the motor retail industry with Perry’s Group before turning his hand to motoring journalism. He launched the Drivelines motoring press agency as a means of providing high quality journalism on new cars, commercial vehicles, motorsport and the motor industry at large.

Customer reviews

Below are our customer reviews for the Citroen Berlingo. Want to have your say? Leave a review for the Citroen Berlingo now.

  • November 20 2019

    Not the best in town but great for our budget.

  • October 15 2019

    It's great

  • September 30 2019

    Nice little van with lots of features

  • September 05 2019

    Love it

  • July 26 2019

    Untested to date but certainly appear to be great value for money

  • July 24 2019

    We have been using Berlingo vans for several years now and always found them to be good reliable and efficient vans. The new model has been updated with better driver experience with things like a decent sized screen with plug and play which is very handy.

  • July 23 2019

    Bigger than the last model but very easy to drive.

  • July 18 2019

    Good value for money

  • June 26 2019

    Too early to say, initial impression is that is quite well spec'd

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    June 04 2019

    Very good so far.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    May 28 2019

    Had an 07 berlingo but felt this van was bigger and overall has a bigger look and feel to it ...transit but not a transit

  • May 27 2019

    very good

  • May 13 2019

    The only note I can put out is the level of noise in the cabin, especially at higher speed. Not like this is unusual for vans of course. As a whole, the van is modern looking like, versatile and efficient. Excellent value for money.

  • May 03 2019

    It fine for what I need

  • May 02 2019

    Great van with many surprises

  • May 01 2019

    Brilliant van so far!!

  • April 11 2019

    Great little van.

  • April 11 2019

    ideal for purpose

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    April 03 2019

    Better than I thought very pleased

  • March 26 2019

    Overall its okay, it doesn't do anywhere near the MPG Citroen say it should, so far after 800 miles I haven't been able to get it to average more than 39.7mpg and most of the miles I have done have been at 70mph on the motorway.

  • March 23 2019

    Early days yet but seems a very good van very easy to drive and good quality of finish

  • March 23 2019

    Early days yet but is saving me on fuel

  • March 22 2019

    Good little van with good spec for the money.

  • March 21 2019

    Absolutely love it, it drives beautifully and the new shape is much nicer in my opinion, it feels a lot bigger than the previous Berlingo vans Would highly recommend it

  • March 15 2019

    Great vehicle for our company cheap to run

  • February 25 2019

    Nice updates and shape

  • February 20 2019

    Good all round vehicle it’s got what I was after

  • February 13 2019

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    February 01 2019

    I love the van it’s brilliant it drives like a car and is as comfortable to! The back is a good size

  • January 04 2019

    Great small van

  • January 04 2019

    Great small van

  • December 19 2018

    Great spec on this van for the price.

  • December 19 2018

    Great spec on this van for the price.

  • December 10 2018

    Excellent work van very well equipped

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    December 06 2018


  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    November 30 2018

    I've only had the vehicle a couple of weeks. Given that my other cars include a Range Rover Sport SVR then I'm pleasantly surprised at the way the vehicle performs. The load space is fabulous too. Great vehicle.

  • November 30 2018

    Good van/car

  • November 29 2018


  • November 27 2018

    An economical easy van to drive. Plenty of load space. The bad bits are that there is no easy space to put a phone or phone holder and the smartnav isn't very good. If there's no reception it wont find a route and it takes a long time to give guidance.

  • November 20 2018

    small but good for work

  • October 25 2018


  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    October 17 2018


  • October 17 2018

    Great Van, ticks all the boxes for our business needs

  • October 16 2018

    really good practical van

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    October 10 2018

    Very economical and lovely vehicle to drive

  • October 03 2018

    Nice van

  • September 27 2018

    Have only had the vehicle for a few days, but i am very impressed

  • September 25 2018

    A lovely van, nice to drive, plenty of space in the back. Really happy with it.

  • September 25 2018

    Amazing van

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    September 06 2018

    All good but thought would get slightly more miles per gallon

  • September 06 2018

    It’s just the right size vehicle for what I need and it’s very comfortable so I can enjoy it for my leisure time.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    September 06 2018

    good size van and nice to drive

  • August 16 2018


  • July 19 2018

    All is good with the new van. Great having side doors on both sides helps a lot with day to day work.

  • July 13 2018

    It's just what I need for my work, I am self employed decorator and the Berlingo is just the right size for me.

  • June 29 2018

    Nice and compact, but spacious load space. Bit heavy on the fuel, could do with a sixth gear. Overall it’s a decent workhorse.

  • June 29 2018

    Fantastic, has everything we need

  • June 28 2018


  • June 26 2018


  • June 26 2018

    Really happy and wish I had leased years ago.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    June 21 2018

    pleased with the vehicles , no complaints

  • May 30 2018

    Could do with Bluetooth which in todays world is a must

  • May 08 2018

    Love it!

  • May 08 2018

    Very happy with the van. Having to separately unlock the back doors every time I need to go in is very annoying but that’s the only negative.

  • April 26 2018

    Great van

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    March 19 2018


  • February 21 2018

    nice van, loads of extras. little mobile office. people say how nice my van looks with the signwriting

  • February 16 2018

    Good for what I need it for

  • February 06 2018

    Its a wonderful van. 3 seats in the front, cheap on fuel, large load area and it looks good.

  • February 06 2018

    A lovely little van. Very practical and nippy.

  • February 02 2018

    Safe and reliable and just what i was looking for

  • January 30 2018

    good value small van

  • January 25 2018

    It's perfect van and very smooth drive and highly comfortable.

  • January 20 2018

    This vehicle does 55mpg,a fair ride comfort, Good handling with up to 550 kg load, but make sure you get a good dealer to service it!, oh and its got 318,000 miles on clock in 52 months, thats approx. 6,000 miles a month.

  • January 17 2018

    Very reliable and easy to use, ideal size for a small van.

  • January 10 2018

    Best small van on the market for the money.

  • January 08 2018

    I. Am a dog rescuer ideal but small

  • December 12 2017

    Very nice!

  • December 12 2017


  • December 11 2017

    All good so far but sat nav let it down. That is useless!

  • September 14 2017

    Think it's absolutely fantastic - exactly what I need. Love the spacious feel. Everything I asked for - ie automatic, ply lined etc etc was catered for, and I am glad I asked for these extras, they have enhanced my driving experienced. Thank you so much.

  • September 06 2017

    I have given good scores but have only had it a week so too early to tell really

  • August 29 2017

    A very good van for the price.

  • August 15 2017

    Unfortunately, I am unable to rate the vehicle as the vehicle is for an employee of ours, the above ratings are what he has stated.

  • August 02 2017


  • July 26 2017

    The vehicle eis very comfortable with a lot of room and storage in cab area. Very high spec cruise control, sat-nav etc. Smooth driving and low fuel costs. All in all a great van for any contractor.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    July 14 2017

    So far so good. Ideal for carrying carpet samples & can even load 3m rolls of vinyl with the way front seats are designed.

  • July 14 2017

    We had the old style Berlingo, this newer version is great with some nice features.

  • July 03 2017

    It's just a lovely van to drive.

  • June 30 2017

    So far our engineer has said it ticks all the boxes - we've only had the van for less than a week so will know more after the first month.

  • June 19 2017

    Great little van.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    June 02 2017

    Ideal for the business.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    May 16 2017


  • April 25 2017

    A good van. A good drive and suits purpose.

  • April 24 2017

    So pleased with it does everything I need and more.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    April 22 2017

    Great mpg. Lots of space. Great sound system, works well with iPhone.

  • April 20 2017

    Again very impressed with the van. Great on fuel, very comfortable and a pleasure to drive.

  • April 11 2017

    Fantastic van only fault sat nav not fitted and it comes as standard on this van still waiting for it to be fitted.

  • April 07 2017

    She's brill!

  • February 27 2017

    Nice drive. Good looking van and very good on mileage/diesel.

  • February 22 2017

    Good value for money

  • February 22 2017

    Absolute bargain.

  • December 15 2016

    Nice Van.

  • December 13 2016

    Very well built, van seems reliable and economical.

  • December 12 2016

    A great little van.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    December 06 2016

    Its the perfect size van for what we need as a company and represents the company in a good way.

  • November 28 2016

    A very good "workhorse" as they say. Unlike other manufacturers, the front cabin has been thought out and there are useful storage spaces throughout). A massive plus is 3 seats and having the option to fold one down to allow longer items to be carried is brilliant.

  • November 24 2016


  • November 16 2016

    Great van perfect for my business needs will be using vanarama again in near future.

  • November 09 2016

    The perfect van for a small business, with the side door for ease of access. Very comfortable with 3 seats, which can all be lowered for storage of the laptop. Features include Bluetooth, AC, Touch Screen Media System for under £200 PM. With great MPG what more could you ask for.

  • October 24 2016

    Lovely and has better connectivity system than my wife's Land Rover!

  • October 10 2016

    Nice and compact, comfortable, handles well.

  • September 13 2016

    Very good van, easy to drive and ideal for our new small but growing business.

  • September 02 2016

    Great vehicle. Comfortable, very practical for my business and great to drive.

  • September 02 2016

    Great van, utilises space very well, economic, all in all very happy.

  • August 23 2016

    Love it! Perfect for my business.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    August 23 2016

    Not had it long enough yet to see any real problems with it but my initial thoughts are that it is comfortable and practical for what I need right now. It's not as quick as I would like but I didn't expect it to be really!

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    August 16 2016

    Does what it says on the tin.

  • August 16 2016

    Great van, just what I was looking for my joinery business. I can fit doors, windows and large things on the roof rack, also I like the fact I have option of putting the front seats flat to enable longer objects to slide in.

  • August 02 2016

    Very comfortable, lovely to drive. The only annoying thing is the black band round the window flips up at the back and hits your elbow.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    July 22 2016

    Very nice van, looks professional and perfect size for my needs as an electrician.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    July 11 2016

    Very smart.

  • July 04 2016

    A very nice, smart looking van.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    June 30 2016

    Good, economical small van.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    June 29 2016

    Having had one before I knew what I was getting as a vehicle, it does surprise people the weight it can take for the size it is. Very economical if driven properly. A joy to drive, even in today's traffic, and the rear parking sensors are great at assisting in those tight spaces. Also nice that I can alter the side mirrors at a touch of a button. Many happy hours to come traveling the country supporting my football team!

  • June 27 2016

    Very good for the price.

  • June 23 2016

    It does exactly what I want out of a van, a reliable work horse.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    June 06 2016

    Lovely van.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    May 23 2016

    The only bad thing is the Sat-Nav which isn't good quality, a standard Tom Tom is better, if you go off route it sometimes just cancels the journey and I am waiting for it to tell me where to go.

  • May 20 2016

    It's a lovely van, I love it in every way.

  • May 20 2016

    Could be better, especially considering it's the top spec.

  • May 17 2016

    Good solid little van with loads of extras as standard.

  • May 17 2016

    A lovely vehicle for the money.

  • May 16 2016

    It's great, I'm very happy.

  • May 06 2016

    Very impressed with the entertainment/information system and smart phone integration. Inbuilt safety camera detector is invaluable along with the SatNav. Fuel economy is excellent and for a small engine provides plenty of torque.

  • March 24 2016

    Very good, comfortable and clean van and excellent handling, very impressed with the touch screen tv in the front.

  • March 15 2016

    Needs coffee holders.

  • March 15 2016

    Great van with good extra features.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    February 29 2016

    Bodywork around the cargo area is incredibly flimsy... If that's similar in the cab, I hope I'm never in an accident. Otherwise, it seems like quite a nice vehicle. It's pretty quiet and packed with tech, so it's a pleasure to drive. A bit too early to comment on reliability and running costs.

  • February 23 2016

    It is great value for the price with more extras than I thought, it's like an office inside with the on-board computer. Delighted.

  • February 17 2016

    I absolutely love it, the smart tech is brilliant. I'm like a kid with a new toy, I actually don't want to get to work because it means I have to get out of my van, but I look forward to the drive home.

  • February 15 2016

    Was very pleased when the van arrived and have enjoyed driving it since then.

  • January 28 2016

    Neat, well designed and spacious especially the cab. Very nice spec included. Sat Nav would be better if it was built into the screen on-board instead of on the dash. The Sat Nav could have also had a better resolution on the screen. The fuel is weird, it seems to last well but looks like it drops so fast! Only 44mpg at the moment but in time I should be able to get what's promised as I'm mostly motorway driving! I wish the vehicle had a second option on ignition to just use the electrics so three stages of ignition and not two. I also wish it came with the metal mesh type bulk head and fog lights too, although, I love the apple CarPlay installed and can't wait for Apple to introduce apps and games to their CarPlay software. Love the foot system on the throttle for disengaging the speed limiter when needed! Very pokey even for the smallest engine type and 75ps. Wish I had a 6th gear though and more wear resistant seats however covers could easily sort that out. Maybe some rubber mats would be good too as vans are mostly used for work and constantly getting mud inside so carpet really doesn't help. A full dial heat switch would be a good improvement too! However I'm very very pleased with the van and shocked at its value for money! Cannot wait to watch what Citroen put out next!

  • January 28 2016

    I am finding this van to be full of all the features that you need in the modern world that we now live in. It drives very smoothly and is remarkably quiet. The fuel economy is excellent, I don't think I will ever drive my car again.

  • January 28 2016

    Love it!

  • January 28 2016

    Overall a great little van for the money with lots of extras.

  • January 14 2016

    This vehicle is perfect for my needs. It has the comfort of a car with the practicality of a van. I would highly recommend it!!

  • January 07 2016

    Good practical little van.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    December 30 2015


  • December 30 2015

    Cheap to run. Fantastic spec

  • November 30 2015

    Hands-free on the end of the lights stick most times does not work. The hands-free is complicated and difficult access. My Nemo was better and easier to work.

  • November 30 2015

    2014 Vehicle is used for courier long distance use. I drive an average of 1,500 miles per week. I have now driven it for 134,000 miles, it has had two faults, one with cat sensor and one air con pump which were replaced under warranty. 100,000 miles it is serviced every 10 weeks or so and gives about 50mpg. It will drive okay with 600kg loads, turbo copes well with long inclines.

  • November 05 2015

    The van is just what is needed, but it seems to have a fault which being in the motor trade should have been rectified on pdi.

  • November 03 2015

    Very pleased indeed.

  • November 03 2015

    Better than my expectations... A pleasure to drive.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    November 02 2015

    It does what it's supposed to with no fuss or drama. Generally a good all rounder.

  • October 29 2015

  • October 29 2015

    BRILLIANT !!!!!!

  • October 23 2015

    Great little van! Excellent value for money, especially the driver convenience of parking sense, a touch screen monitor and sat nav!! The only downside the vehicle never came with ply lining that's an extra cost !!

  • October 21 2015

    Absolutely fantastic. Looks smart and all gadgets in the cab are very reliable - the USB connection is very handy. I recently hired a Fiat Doblo for a week and I can honestly say the Berlingo blows it out the water.

  • September 29 2015

    Great vehicle

  • September 01 2015

    The van is used by one of my employees. He's more than happy.

  • August 26 2015

    As I have had one before I knew I would be more than happy. Thank you.

  • August 17 2015

    Very comfortable to drive.

  • August 13 2015

    I already own one and was content to lease a second one.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    June 08 2015

    Excellent van, no problems. The only issue is the economy mode. I listen to the radio at lunchtime and it turns off after ten minutes, but I would recommend. Lovely van.

  • June 05 2015

    I use this vehicle for commuting and for light carrying, including some longer items. I find the flexibility in the seating options is really useful and find the absence of a hard bulkhead works best for my needs. I had the vehicle lined as the basic protection is not really sufficient. Mine is a dark grey colour which is nice, but does show off minor scratches from twigs etc rather easily. Paint must be a bit soft I suppose? The three seat option is useful for those odd occasions, and generally storage is good. The vehicle pulls fine in all situations I have encountered, although I have never had it absolutely fully laden. The fuel consumption is about 50mpg overall after 19000 miles, which is great. I will need new tyres before I hand the van back. I don't use the satnav built in, it seems a bit clunky to me, but I do use the cable to power my own Garmin. Reversing sensors are a useful safety feature. At the right price, I would have another when my lease ends in May 2015.

  • June 01 2015

    So far, very good.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    May 21 2015

    Great van comfort and cheap to run.

  • March 04 2015

    Only had the vehicle for 2 days, but so far, so good. Will be in touch soon regarding another vehicle.

  • February 09 2015

    Nice looking van, It came with a detachable satnav. I would prefer if it was built into the dash, so that you don't have to keep unplugging it. Also could do with Bluetooth connectivity.

  • January 29 2015

    It is a very nice van that is comfortable to drive

  • January 09 2015

    I've only had it for a few days, so hard to say.

  • December 16 2014

    Smart practical van. Perfect for what I need.

  • December 16 2014

    The van is perfect!

  • November 04 2014

    Only had it a day, but so far so good.

  • October 17 2014

    Great van, good value for money.

  • October 17 2014

    Excellent value for money.

  • October 15 2014

    Very smooth and quiet.

  • October 02 2014

    So far so good; too early to comment on aspects relating to reliability and VFM.

  • September 25 2014

    Smart looking van, plenty of loading space. So far very happy.

  • September 11 2014

    Love it.

  • September 03 2014

    No comments.

  • August 20 2014

    Well only had the vehicle a day and very impressed by build quality.

  • August 20 2014


  • July 21 2014

    Very nice van. No problems as of yet.

  • June 27 2014

    Good van. Has all the extras as standard.

  • May 20 2014

    Perfect for our business, very comfortable and the 3 seats are a plus! Great looking van and very practical.

  • May 13 2014

    Very nice van

  • March 18 2014

    It pulls like a train, gets in top gear early and sips fuel , sometimes less than my Yamaha FJR 1300. The extras such as sat nav, hands free, reversing sensors and auto locking I could not do without now. Loads of room for my survey gear. The paint finish is very good considering its a van. The only fault (which was nothing really) was the boarding out loosened and rattled, but that took two seconds to sort .

  • March 18 2014

    Early days but seems a really nice van

  • February 24 2014

    Nice compact van suited to my need

  • February 11 2014

    very impressed

  • November 06 2013

    Very good, seems to run and handle the road well.

  • October 31 2013


  • October 22 2013

    Not as well built as the VW Transporter I owned, the back doors are like a bit of tin foil and I will need to be very careful when opening them if its windy. The front three seats are handy but it is really a two seater van with three seat belts. Lots of handy compartments in the cab but the door pockets are useless. The secret compartment under the passenger seat is so useful for keeping expensive and important items safe. £75 to fill it up against £110 for the VW but as for mpg I cant say as I have just got the van. I built a shelf in the back of the Berlingo to utilise all of the space and I managed to get everything inside that I carried in the VW at a squeeze but as long as it is kept tidy I don't see a problem. I have noticed how quiet the Berlingo is even without a full bulkhead. Having been in business over 50 years I have had various vans and I know its early days but the Berlingo is not a patch on a VW or a Vivaro for build quality. But for £150pcm inc vat what do you expect? I am in no doubt the Berlingo will serve a purpose but its the last time I will have a smaller van, there is just no extra room in the back when loaded. The Berlingo does have many good points though and I would not put anyone off having one but take my advice and watch those back doors in the wind!

  • September 24 2013

    I look forward to being in this van it is a wonderful enviroment very comfortable and nice gadgets to entertain me. A very good load space

  • August 16 2013

    Very nice and roomy. Excellent to drive.

  • August 14 2013

    Love it, it has loads of load space, gadgets and great on-road presence.

  • Citroen Berlingo M Diesel
    May 30 2013

    the van is exceptional. Very happy indeed!

  • December 05 2012

    The Berlingo is a good value for money van.

  • August 15 2012

    Very good value for money

  • July 27 2012

    All round an excllent van

  • July 19 2012

    Very happy lots of useful compartments in cab. Very comfy and spec very good

  • July 11 2012

    Very happy

  • March 21 2012

    Very pleased with vehicle. A pleasure to drive.

  • February 03 2012


  • October 28 2011

    A nice size and compact van with some good accessories, simple things like a torch in the back make life a little easier. Even with three seats in the front, it doesn't feel cramped. Very happy.

  • October 26 2011

    To date an excellent van, I did some homework on several vans of this class and I took the time to put a few to the test.

  • October 21 2011

    Received vehicle yesterday all looks good !!

  • September 09 2011

    Very happy so far.

  • August 30 2011

    very good clean van

  • August 24 2011

    only just got the berlingo so i cant really comment on the running costs, performance and reliability, but i am very pleased with the comfort and ease of handling and also the space available and refinements in the cab.

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