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Lowest Price Guaranteed
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Lowest Price Guaranteed
FREE 30-Day Returns
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Volkswagen Id.3 Electric Hatchback

150kW Style Pro Performance 58kWh 5 Doors Auto
Free Home charger*Worth £1049 + FREE installation.
*Subject to Eligibility
Fuel Type
7.3 Seconds
No. Of Seats
Boot Capacity
385 Litres
Parking Sensors
Cruise Control
Manufacturer OTR

Why Choose Leasing?

Brand New Vehicles
Full 3 Year Warranty
Fixed Monthly Payments
No MOT Costs For 3 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Will My Vehicle Delivery Take?
    Delivery time really depends on several factors, including the vehicle you choose, whether it's in stock & if you're having accessories fitted. If your vehicle is in stock, available & already kitted out the way you want it, it could take as little as 2-3 weeks to be delivered.
    Can I Lease A Vehicle With Bad Credit?
    Leasing is a form of vehicle finance or credit, which means funders will look into your credit history when you apply to lease. If you’ve missed payments or cancelled finance in the past, these can negatively impact your credit score. Vanarama works with more than 10 potential funders & we’ll always try to match you with a funder to suit your needs.
    Can I Cancel A Lease Part Way Through?
    A lease contract can be cancelled by requesting an early termination. If you request this, the vehicle must be returned to the funder & you’ll pay a penalty fee - the amount varies depending on the funder & the type of lease agreement you have, but it could be more than 50% of all remaining payments. If you lease a car with us, you will be covered by Redundancy Protection. This means if due to an unexpected life event you are suddenly unable to afford your payments, we may be able to help. See more about this here.
    Which Businesses Can Lease Vehicles?
    In general, any business can lease a vehicle & benefit from the cost savings leasing offers - even new businesses.
    Can I Change My Annual Mileage Limit Mid-Contract?
    Yes, although the process will depend on which funder your lease is with & if you are eligible to do so. If you think your mileage limit needs changing, call us straight away so we can discuss your options.
    What Is The Shortest Lease Contract I Can Take?
    The shortest lease term available from Vanarama is 2 years, up to a maximum term of 5 years.
    How Does Fair Wear & Tear Work?
    If your lease contract requires you to hand your vehicle back at the end, it will be inspected by the finance company for any damage that isn’t considered ‘fair wear & tear’. The odd bump, scratch or scuff is fine - after all, you could have been driving this vehicle for up to 5 years - excessive damage is not & penalties are often charged to repair it.
  • How far does it go on a single charge?
    Quite a long way – 260 miles when fully charged in vase 62kWh form. A real-world range is more in the region of 200 miles. Throw in a bit of motorway use and that figure would probably fall to under 180 miles.
    How long does the battery take to charge?
    As is normal with an EV, around 80% of charging will be done via programmable overnight replenishment using garage wall boxes. Out and about, if you find a 100kW rapid charger, around 180 miles-worth of electricity can be taken on board in just 30 minutes.
    Will it feel different from my current car?
    Yes, it is likely to feel more modern. At the wheel, all of the driving information is displayed on a digital 'pod' panel. Thanks to the slightly raised floor, you sit a little higher than you would in a Golf and there's a standard-fit 10-inch centre-dash infotainment screen with intuitive voice recognition.
    How does it feel to drive?
    To fire everything up, you push the starter button, then activate the gear selector, a rocker switch mounted on the steering column that twists in two directions: it's forward for 'drive' and the braking regeneration modes and you twist back for neutral and reverse. Acceleration has been programmed to be linear and consistent. Top speed across the range is limited to around 100mph.
    Is the Volkswagen ID.3 a good car?
    It sure is. By designing the ID.3 from scratch, rather than shoehorning an electric drivetrain into a car designed for petrol or diesel power, Volkswagen has created a family hatchback that looks and feels unique. It’s true that it doesn’t have the real depth of quality feel that a Golf has, but it’s a fantastically futuristic driving experience, has lots of drivetrain choice, and is very practical.
    What battery and motor options does the ID.3 have?
    A few of them, which can make things seem a little confusing at first. There are 3 battery size options, which Volkswagen labels using ‘net’ capacities, as in the amount of the battery that’s given to driving the wheels: 45kWh, 58kWh and 77kWh, the first offering a 217-mile official range, the second 263 miles, and the third 337 miles. The smallest battery is only available with the smallest 150hp motor, while the middle battery can come with either that or a bigger 204hp motor, and finally the largest battery can only be paired with the largest motor. The quickest ID.3 is the 58kWh Pro Performance (204hp) model, which hits 62mph in 7.3 seconds.
    Is the Volkswagen ID.3 well-equipped?
    There are lots of versions of the ID.3 which means it’s quite easy to spend more than the base level price, although the basic version is nicely equipped. All models get a 10-inch touchscreen navigation and infotainment system, keyless entry and start, adaptive cruise control and air conditioning. The only thing that might irk you is the steel wheels with plastic trims. Move up a level to Style trim and you’ll get your alloys, as well as heated front seats and climate control. That will feel like a lot of car.
    Is the Volkswagen ID.3 practical?
    The ID.3 is a very practical family hatchback, partly because its all-new electric chassis is quite unusual for a modern car in putting the motor at the back, driving the rear wheels - just like the old Volkswagen Beetle. Even with the motor under the boot floor there’s a little more luggage space than you get in a Volkswagen Golf - 385 litres compared to 380. And because there are no running gear parts running along the floor, the cabin itself has a flat floor, is very spacious and has more room for oddment storage.
    Is the Volkswagen ID.3 reliable?
    In a sense it’s a little early for that question because the ID.3 is the very first of a new wave of electric-only vehicles from the Volkswagen Group. That means many of its parts are brand new. That said, Volkswagen isn’t new at this carmaking thing and we can expect reliability similar to its longstanding models. Plus, because there are fewer moving parts in an electric motor and drivetrain than in a traditional internal combustion setup, they’re intrinsically more likely to be reliable.
    Is the warranty the same as an ordinary Volkswagen?
    Yes this comes with the usual 3 year / 60,000 mile warranty package.

Customise Your Lease

Is this for you, or for your business?
How many miles will you be driving a year?
6000 Miles
How long do you want your vehicle for?
60 Months - 5 Years
How much do you want to pay upfront?
9 Months - £3544.92 inc. VAT
Vehicle OptionsFactory Order
Select Paint Colour:
Solid - Moonstone grey
Select Interior:
Flow design/Art velour microfleece cloth - Platinum grey/Dusty grey
Add Vanarama Service Plan (Our Maintenance Package):£36.10 Per Month inc. VATSee What's Included


Processing Fee:
Initial Payment:
£3544.92 (inc. VAT)
Contract Length:
60 months
Annual Mileage:
6000 miles
Vanarama Service Plan:
Solid - Moonstone grey
Trim / Interior:
Flow design/Art velour microfleece cloth - Platinum grey/Dusty grey
Factory Order
3 Years Manufacturer And 60000 Miles
Road Tax:
Redundancy & Life Event Cover:
Roadside Assistance:
PM inc. VAT
In Under 3 Minutes