The Benefits of Car Leasing

It's official!  As a nation we're in love with leasing. If you're thinking of leasing a car for the first time, read on to found out what you need to know.

According to Which, in 2014 75% of new cars were bought on finance, most via personal contract hire

We like the idea of obtaining high priced products and paying for them on a monthly basis - as opposed to the less appealing option of taking a serious chunk of money out of our hard earned savings - or missing out.

And of course leasing a new car means you don't have to compromise. You can have the car that ticks your boxes now instead of settling for a second hand model simply because it's all your budget can stretch to.

For many of us, buying a new car is accompanied by the reality that we're sinking our savings (or taking out a loan) on a depreciating asset; something that's going to lose its value from the moment we're behind the wheel. By contrast, with leasing we can make monthly payments that fit into our budget knowing that at the end of the leasing term we can start again with a new car on the same budgeting basis.

So what are the main benefits of leasing – whether you're considering leasing a car for personal use, business use, or as is increasingly common nowadays, a mixture of both?

  • Affordability. Leasing puts an end to the dilemma of 'do I deplete my savings or take out a loan?' Before any contract has been agreed, you know exactly what you'll be paying each month and what deposit you'll put down.
  • Mechanical peace of mind! A brand new car is much less likely to break down than one that's notched up many miles and years. And with leasing you have the peace of mind that comes with your vehicle's warranty. This is a big plus especially if you've had to spend money on repairs to your car.
  • Leasing puts you in charge. Most leasing contracts offer you a number of options to choose from including the length of your contract, your annual mileage and, if you want to include vehicle maintenance and servicing or not.
  • With a huge choice of vehicle makes and models, you can find the car of your dreams or the one that comes pretty close! If you've always hankered after a certain make and model of car, leasing can turn your dream into a reality.
  • Today you might need a family car but in a few years time you could be looking for something different altogether. With leasing you're not stuck with the same vehicle for several years.
  • Out with the old (ish), in with the new. Many people are diehard fans of leasing because they like being behind the wheel of a brand new car every few years.
  • Image is important especially when your car is intended for business use as well as personal. Your current car might not project the image you want to convey to your customers. With leasing you can choose the car that supports your image. And if you travel a fair few miles, one that's fuel efficient too.
  • Tax benefits – if you're planning on using your car for business use or are considering taking a cash allowance instead of a company car, leasing can be a tax efficient option.

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