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Nissan Van Lease

Why Lease A Nissan Van?

Nissan is one of the best-known LCV manufacturers in the world with a range of vans available for all business needs. Whether you’re looking for a small, medium or large van, A Nissan van lease has you covered with the all-new Townstar, Primastar and Interstar vans. Previously, Nissan vans were known by code names beginning with ‘NV’, such as the ‘NV200’, but those have been abandoned in favour of the new names. The new Nissan vans platform-share with the latest Renault LCVs and Mercedes-Benz vans

We offer the best Nissan van lease deals on brand-new vehicles, with the best prices guaranteed by our Price Promise. Order online today, or get in touch with our knowledgeable team if you need more information.

Nissan Townstar

The Nissan Townstar is the company’s newest small van, replacing the now discontinued eNV200 and NV250 vehicles. The Townstar is the perfect size for any trade that needs to carry small loads short distances - e.g. electricians and domestic plumbers. Released in 2022, the Townstar has received positive reactions from the market, with special mention made of its flexible loading space and huge range of safety options. It is available in 2 different wheelbase lengths - long and short - with the longest version capable of carrying up to 800kg and towing up to 1500kg of braked towage - not many small vans can make that claim.

Nissan Primastar

The Nissan Primastar is the company’s newest medium-sized van, replacing the now discontinued NV300. As a medium van, the Primastar falls into the same category as the Ford Transit Custom, which gives a good idea who it’s aimed at. Any trade looking to carry lighter materials, tools and deliveries would suit a Primastar - e.g. heating engineers, carpenters and couriers. Released in 2022, the Primastar sets itself apart from other medium vans with its durable looks, 1200kg maximum payload and redesigned cabin. It’s available in two lengths and two heights, meaning you simply adapt the van to your needs.

Nissan Interstar

The Nissan Interstar is the company’s newest large van, replacing the NV400. Brought to market in 2022, the Interstar is already proving itself popular with large fleet operators and single-van operators. Large vans are built to carry big, bulky loads long distances - which is why you’ll see delivery companies and builders using them. The Interstar may compete in the same sector as the mighty Ford Transit, but has it beat with its over 1500kg payload. It’s available in several height and length combinations, making it a flexible van to fit your business needs.

Why Choose Van Leasing?

Driving a brand new Nissan is possible thanks to leasing. On a lease you’ll be able to drive a new van by only paying affordable and fixed monthly payments with no hidden costs or admin fees to pay. Leasing can be tailored to your needs, meaning that you can decide to pay a lower initial rental payment for your Nissan van lease if you like.

You’ll decide your contract length, annual mileage and model - servicing and maintenance can also be added to your plan as an optional extra. Plus, you don’t need to worry about depreciation and selling your car for a lower cost at the end of your lease – just hand the vehicle back and upgrade to an even newer van on another lease deal. 

Don’t settle for used, lease a brand-new Nissan van or pickup truck today. If you're new to leasing and would like to know more, take a look at our easy to understand van leasing guides

Nissan Van Lease FAQs

What did Nissan replace the NV Vans with?

The NV vans - NV250, eNV200, NV300 and NV400 - have been replaced with the Nissan Townstar small van, Nissan Primastar medium van and Nissan Interstar large van.

How affordable are Nissan vans?

Nissan vans are usually more affordable to lease than most competing vans, such as the Ford Transit Custom, VW Transporter, and Renault Master.

Are Nissan and Vauxhall vans the same?

No. However, Nissan, Renault and Mercedes-Benz platform share medium and small van platforms, which means that there will be some similarities between the brands on vans of those sizes.

Does Nissan make electric vans?

Nissan does make electric vans - including electric versions of the new Nissan Townstar. Nissan is also seen as a pioneer in electric commercial vehicles - the discontinued Nissan eNV200, for example, was one of the first electric commercial vehicles available.

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Why Lease With Vanarama?

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Flexible Options

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Expert Advice

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