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Lowest Price Guaranteed
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New Van Finance & Contract Hire Options

At Vanarama, we have a range of funders offering van finance options to suit you and your business’ needs. With everything from Contract Hire to Finance Lease and Contract Purchase - Vanarama can also arrange personal van finance if that's what you require.

We understand the importance of your new van lease and we want to make sure the process of arranging finance for your new vehicle is as simple and seamless as possible for you.

Our comprehensive van leasing guide should also help with any specific queries but, of course, feel free to pick up the phone to one of our Account Managers on 01442 838 195 or drop us an email at enquiries@vanarama.co.uk.

Business Contract Hire

Business Contract Hire
Contract Hire is ideal for customers who want to drive a brand-new van without having to worry about disposing of it at the end of their contractSee Details
Business Finance Lease
Popular for business and commercial customers when contract hire is not suitableSee Details
Business Contract Purchase
Contract Purchase is an agreement to purchase a vehicle via a series of monthly instalmentsSee Details
Personal Contract Hire
Personal Contract Hire is similar to Business Contract Hire. However, as an individual you will not be able to recover any VAT or take advantage of any tax allowancesSee Details
Leasing Explained & FAQs
Want to know more about how van leasing works? Take a look at our in-depth guides and FAQs. See Details
Customer Leasing Questions
Take look at popular leasing questions asked by our customers & answered by our expert teamSee Details

If You're Looking For Finance To Lease A New Van Or Pickup Truck We Can Help

You might be a plumber, electrician, builder, kitchen fitter, joiner, courier or plasterer looking for the best van or pickup truck lease deal for your business. You might be a sole trader or maybe a partnership - either established or perhaps a new start up. Whatever category you fall into, there are many funding options available, and even more suppliers of van finance, so, once you've decided which new vehicle is for you, it's equally important to make the right decision regarding finance.

Here at Vanarama, we don't just offer the best lease deals – we also work hard to make sure that we offer accurate and impartial advice ensuring that you lease the perfect vehicle for your business needs. We have a panel of funders so, when you place your order we can ensure that your proposal is submitted to the finance company most suited to your own circumstances, whether you are a long-established partnership or a sole trader who has only recently ventured into the world of self-employment.

We are often asked by self-employed customers if they will be accepted by a finance company when they have only been trading for a short time. Sometimes the funder may ask for a higher initial payment, they will look at the length of time you have been resident at your address, and, of course, your credit history.

We can't offer guaranteed van finance for the self-employed, but our experience means that your application will be considered by the funder we feel is the most appropriate to your circumstances.

We offer various methods of leasing and can tailor the package to suit you. Here are a couple of the most common finance methods available to self-employed and sole trader customers:

Contract Hire: This is like hiring a vehicle, but over a long term. At the end of the agreed period the van or pick up is returned to the leasing company. Typically, a lease period runs for two to four years, and your deposit (initial payment) can be adjusted to meet your requirements. You'll need to estimate your annual mileage, as this affects the value of the vehicle to the funder at the end of the agreement.

Finance Lease: A very popular method, similar in many ways to contract hire but at the end of the agreement you are required to dispose of the van or pick up to a third party. The sum realised is used to pay off the final 'balloon' payment (it's important to remember that your sale price could be lower or higher than the fixed balloon figure).

Not only can our expert team help you decide which van finance option suits you best, we can also help you find the perfect vehicle for you. Our range includes brand new vans from the most popular manufacturers including Ford, VW, Nissan and Vauxhall.

What Is The Best Van To Lease For A Sole Trader?

This depends on so much – what is the best van for a self-employed builder to lease will probably not be the same as the best van for a courier, or the best van for an electrician. Some of the most popular vans and pickups to lease for a self-employed business are as follows:

Best Small Vans For Small Businesses

Best Medium Vans For Small Businesses

Best Large Vans For Small Businesses

Best Pickups For Small Businesses

All our new vans are ULEZ compliant, meaning that you won't be charged for entering the new inner city zone in London.

You can even lease a brand new electric van from Vanarama!

Many self-employed sole traders might think that it would be cheaper to buy a used van or pickup rather than lease a new one from Vanarama. There are lots of reasons why this isn't always the case, especially in the long run.

The volume of vehicles we source from manufacturers means that we're able to negotiate huge discounts which are reflected in our ultra-competitive lease rates.

Vanarama offer complete peace of mind to customers who may not be familiar with the benefits of leasing a van or pickup. We offer:

  • Free UK delivery.

  • Price Promise Guarantee.

  • A full range of finance options.

  • Road tax is included for the duration of the lease.

Our website is packed with useful information - take a look at our collection of the most common vehicle leasing FAQs.

A final thought to finish on – 59% of people interviewed in a survey commissioned by Vanarama said that their confidence in a tradesman would be affected by the age of the vehicle. Don't settle for used - lease brand new!

Why leasing?

Why Leasing?

If you want to upgrade to a brand new vehicle, without the high price tag & hassle, leasing might just be for you! Leasing is the smartest way to upgrade what you drive. Read More

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Of course, feel free to pick up the phone to one of our Account Managers on 01442 838 195 or drop us an email to enquiries@vanarama.co.uk.