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How To Sign Write Your Van & Promote Your Business

Having your van professionally sign written is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to promote your business 24/7 - it even works when your van is parked up on the drive in the evening.

Don't hesitate to turn your van into a roving billboard for your business – there are no restrictions and the publicity is great value for money. Did you know, for example, that a recent study shows 3,000 people an hour will see your van when you drive in a city? If we've tempted you to try it out, take a look at our top five signwriting tips.

Brand Yourself By Branding Your Van

Signwriting your van is an economical and highly effective way to create your very own moving advert. Partial or full vehicle wraps are a fast-growing form of advertising thanks to how easy they are to spot!

Imagine you're sat in traffic, having your name and contact details all over your van will draw the attention of passers-by, (and this could mean huge numbers of people if you're somewhere busy).

Making the decision to do it is step 1… step 2 is actually doing it. But where do you start? You could do it yourself, but we'd always recommend getting a pro to do your vehicle graphics because it's the safest way to make sure it looks right.

Our Top 5 Van Signwriting Tips

  1. Choose a professional to sign write your van. Ask to see photos/computer images of vans they have already worked on and get a fixed quote in writing.
  2. Ensure the typeface and colours match your brand. There's nothing worse than clashing colours.
  3. Don't cram too much info on the van – it will make it harder to read from a distance. Make what your business does really clear and avoid clutter. Remember…less is more when you're on the move.
  4. Ensure your website, logo and any accreditations are included. You're sending a message that you're a trusted business.
  5. Ask for a proof of what the signage will look like on your van before giving the go-ahead. You'll probably want to make some changes…and look out for spelling mistakes!

Van Branding Stories From Our Customers

"I got £10,000 of new business in ONE week," says Lee Wright, owner of Wall to Wall Services and Vanarama customer. "I knew that quality sign writing would be a great way to market my business. With my new Ford Transit Custom, I now have the perfect business partner that acts as my mobile advertising billboard."

Lee added that his van is like a great big advert for his business on-site, and commented: "I was doing a job the other week with my van parked out the front. By the end of the job, three of my customer's neighbours – who'd seen the work I'd done and my van – came and asked for quotes. The result? An extra £10,000 plus worth of business!"


Katy Griffiths of Katy Doolittle's Pet Care – one of our 2016 Van Heroes – has also found success with her sign-written van. The distinctive pink writing on her Ford Transit Connect has attracted lots of attention. "People take photos of my van, which makes me very proud," says Katy. "It's helped me get more business too."

Van Signwriting FAQs

Can You Have Your Van Sign Written If It's Leased?

Yes! When you lease with Vanarama you can have your van sign written as long as all vehicle signage is removed professionally before you hand the keys back and return the vehicle.

What Kind of Signs Can I Get For My Van?

There are a range of options for getting your van branded, but some are much easier to remove than others. When choosing a signage type, don't forget to consider whether you need permanent branding or only a temporary solution. Our recommended option is vinyl wrapping as this can be removed easily once your lease contract is up.

Stencil Cut Vinyl van graphics are a great value option as they're usually applied with adhesive vinyl that can easily be removed by a professional later on.

Magnetic Signs are a less permanent option and can be simply attached to your van and removed whenever necessary. The only risk here is that if the sign magnetism fades, or isn't attached flush to your vehicle, your branding could detach when driving at higher speeds.

Vinyl Wrapping is an adhesive wrap around of your van with your design. This can be partial, covering just the back and sides, or can cover the entire vehicle. A whole or partial wrap can deliver eye-catching designs, but make sure it doesn't look too busy overall.

How Much Does It Cost To Sign Write A Van?

The cost of adding signwriting to your van depends on how complex your design is, the dimensions of your vehicle and the type of signwriting you choose.

The cheapest option is usually magnetic signs which are likely to cost around £150. On average the cost of vinyl cut signwriting for a medium-sized or small van is at around £350 for decent coverage. If you've got a larger vehicle and are looking for a full wrap expect to pay a little more.

Full wraps can cost up to £3,000 for a large van, however, a full wrap might not be required if you're just looking to add some vinyl lettering and logos.

Compared to almost any other form of advertising for your business, this is a truly cost-effective investment over the course of your vehicle lifespan.

How To Apply Signwriting To Your Van

  1. Be 100% happy with the design and make sure your contact details are clear.

  2. Make sure you have a fixed quote in writing for the job – no-brainer advice, eh?

  3. Get the sign writers to let you take the vehicle to them, it'll be cheaper if you take it there yourself, and it will only take a couple of hours to fit the vinyl.

What's The Best Way To Remove Signwriting From A Van?

Get a professional to take the vinyl off… otherwise, you might damage your vehicle before you hand it back at the end of your lease! Make sure you agree a fixed price before you get someone to peel it all off.

Whatever your trade is, make the most of the real estate your van provides by getting it signwritten to promote your business wherever you go. Looking for a new van for your buisness? Don't forget to check out our latest van leasing deals where you'll find everything from large transits to compact city vans or enjoy more of our expert reviews and insights in the Vanarama blog.

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