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Van Leasing Fair Wear and Tear

How to ensure the wear and tear on your van is fair! 10 top tips

It can strike fear in the heart of any van driver. You hand over your van at the end of the lease period to a person appointed by the lease provider, whose job it is to examine your vehicle for wear and tear. Will you be confronted with additional charges? Fear not! If you have looked after your van it should fall into the category of 'Fair Wear and Tear' Here are 10 tips that will help!

  1. Squeaky clean inside and out on the day of collection. A dirty van is hard to inspect and the inspection may have to be rescheduled at your cost.
  2. Daylight not moonlight. Inspect your vehicle for any scratches or dents in full natural daylight away from any shadows.
  3. Dry not wet. It's hard for you to see imperfections such as scratches on a wet vehicle.
  4. Profile not full on! You're more likely to see dents if you look down your vehicle panels side on.
  5. Mirror mirror! Inspect all mirrors, windows, lamps and the less obvious panels such as the roof for scratches, chips, cracks and dents.
  6. Phone a friend. What you might not see, a friend with a keen eye will. You don't want to be invoiced for any unexpected damage charges.
  7. Hand everything over. This includes all sets of keys; original documents; the full signed and stamped service history; optional equipment fitted (eg tow bars, rear door sun shades), valid MOT certificate if applicable; all emergency equipment supplied; radio code cards and CDs or DVDs for satellite navigation.
  8. Remove your personal stuff. Check the entire vehicle for personal effects.
  9. Effective removal of vehicle graphics on the windows and body.  Use a professional to avoid being charged for additional removal costs. DIY efforts can damage the paintwork of your vehicle and leave a glue residue.
  10. Smells divine! The resale value of a vehicle will be affected if stains are on the upholstery and it has a lingering unpleasant smell. A professional valet prior to returning your vehicle could be a wise move; one that should save you more than it costs.

If you don't look after your vehicle, its resale value will be affected. At Vanarama we recommend you really look after your new van throughout the entire period of your lease so that you can hand it back confident that any wear and tear is acceptable.

For even more detail, you can download the full Fair Wear & Tear Guidelines For Vans here. It includes photographs of what constitutes fair wear and tear – and what doesn't. It's a fascinating and insightful read. If you have any other questions, you can also contact one of our friendly customer care advisers on 01442 838192.