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Current Deranged Offers

Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara by DERANGED are exclusively available to lease for Vanarama business customers. Do you want to drive something unique? Something customised and pushed to the limit? A vehicle that goes beyond just standing out in a crowd and will ACTUALLY get heads turning? Then look no further than leasing a new vehicle by DERANGED.

First up, the Ford Ranger. In a nutshell, Ford Rangers are awesome - it's a simple fact. They're everything a pickup should be: rugged and tough, designed for utility, and you feel like a king driving them. Deranged - a car personalisation business based in Essex - has pushed the idea of a custom Ranger to the next level by adding top-of-class luxury style - just take a look at the pictures - increased performance and a variety of enhancements.

Shiny, black paintwork, imposing wheels, jet-black alloys, manly and accentuated features, blacked-out finishing, the DERANGED badge on the front grille - this thing looks the real deal. It's the sort of thing we imagine you pulling up in on a site visit where you want to make an impact. And you get all this without compromising on the classic Ford Ranger abilities.

And on to the Nissan Navara - already a top performer in its class - Deranged have turned it on its head aesthetically while keeping that iconic pickup shape and skills intact. Wave goodbye to chrome and say hello to a total black-out! All the features on the Nissan Navara that would usually be chrome-coloured have been given a bold, black finish: fog lights, side steps, roof rails and rear bumper.

Right at the front of the Nissan Navara sits the classic Deranged signature grille and the metal plaque shield, BUT Deranged has installed its own bracket system on this grille in order to fit a camera right in the centre -

clever stuff. And don't forget to check out those imposing tyres, they've got a real presence. Forget your everyday pickup truck wheels, these bad boys give the Navara a bigger profile on and off the road. You'll be turning heads behind the wheel of this tank.

So, if you're after a pickup truck that will truly set you apart from the rest, a vehicle that speaks volumes in style and attitude, look no further than a Nissan Navara or Ford Ranger by Deranged. They're beasts! Check out the deals below.

Service Plus

Keeping your leased van or pickup truck in top condition is key to keeping your business moving, but it shouldn't cost a fortune - that's why we created Service Plus. Find out more

Advanced Breakdown Cover

If your van or pickup truck is off the road, so is your business. Our new Advanced Breakdown Cover package will keep you moving no matter what happens. Find out more

Rentals are subject to VAT. Business customers only. Photos and videos are for illustration purposes only.

  • Jack Rabbit Roller Shutter (limited Model Only)


    This aluminium, roller tonneau cover is fully retractable and can easily be locked into place every 300mm. If you have awkward or large loads to work with, adding the Jack Rabbit to your vehicle means that you no longer have to leave your loadbed fully exposed or wrestle with tonneau covers.

    The benefits of the Jack Rabbit roller shutter include:

    • Fully secure and lockable roller tonneau cover
    • Facility to lock cover into position every 300mm
    • Latch and Lock handle prevents water from entering the lock and freezing
    • Built in drainage system

    Montly Costs

    • 24 Months - £52.88pm
    • 36 Months - £36.18pm
    • 48 Months - £27.50pm
    • 60 Months - £22.18pm
    Prices quoted are estimated and may vary depending on the finance product chosen and the initial rental. Please contact us for a tailored quote.
  • Mountain Top Cheqeur Plate Tonneau


    This highly functional cover is designed to keep your cargo area safe, dry and clean. It’s made of durable aluminium chequer plate and has a carrying capacity of maximum 100 kg. The cover can be removed quickly and easily without using any tools. It locks to the tailgate keeping your cargo secure.

    The benefits of a Mountain Top Tonneau include:

    • High quality aluminium chequered plate which provides added security
    • Sleek sporty design
    • Easy to remove with no tools required
    • Single push button lock 

    Montly Costs

    • 24 Months - £53.85pm
    • 36 Months - £36.84pm
    • 48 Months - £28.00pm
    • 60 Months - £22.58pm
    Prices quoted are estimated and may vary depending on the finance product chosen and the initial rental. Please contact us for a tailored quote.

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