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Which Electric Cars Are Available And Who Makes Them?

By Matt Robinson

The 2030 ban on the sale of new, pure internal-combustion (ICE) cars in the UK has seen many consumers already making the switch from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles (EVs). But while the deadline for ICE is still some years away, leaving you plenty of time to decide if you’re still vacillating, we thought it would be useful to outline which car manufacturers are making EVs right now – so here’s our full rundown on the current zero-emission offerings you can find in the UK.

Does Audi Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 3

Audi is already making strong moves towards electrification and has a huge phalanx of ‘TFSIe’ plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) to choose from, as well as 3 dedicated EVs. These are all sold under the ‘E-Tron’ banner, so if you see that phrase then you know it’s an all-electric Audi. The first to arrive was the E-Tron, which comes in large SUV and swoopier Sportback shapes, offering a maximum driving range of 252 or 261 miles for the respective body styles. That was followed by the E-Tron GT, a luxury, high-performance saloon which shares 800-volt electrical underpinnings with the Porsche Taycan. The E-Tron GT has just the 1 body style and a couple of power outputs, with a maximum theoretical range of 298 miles. Finally, the Q4 E-Tron is a smaller, midsized SUV that is again offered in regular format and then as a Sportback. It will do up to 314 miles on a single charge as an SUV and up to 320 miles as a Sportback. Expect many, many more E-Tron products, of varying types and sizes, to join Audi’s portfolio in the coming months and years.

Head here for a comparison of the E-Tron GT and the all-electric Porsche Taycan.

Does BMW Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 5

An early adopter of the electric revolution, BMW got in early with its i3 city car in 2013, which is still on sale today after 9 years in showrooms. It’s sold in 2 specifications and 1 body style, with a maximum range of 190 miles. You can see how BMW’s battery range evolves over time, though, as the next product out of Munich was an all-electric version of the X3 midsized SUV; called the iX3, it looks virtually indistinguishable from its ICE relations and offers up to 283 miles on a single charge. Then a further 2 dedicated EV lines arrived, these being the i4 – which is an electric 4 Series Gran Coupe with some key styling changes – and the super-luxurious iX large SUV, which has a truly bespoke body and no ICE counterparts in the BMW range at all. You’ll get up to 366 miles from an i4’s single charging session, while the iX can go up to 380 miles between hook-ups. The latest addition to BMW’s ‘i’ stable, which is its version of Audi’s E-Tron or Mercedes’ EQ line, is the i7 executive saloon. This has incredibly distinctive exterior styling and a maximum quoted range of 387 miles. Next up the ramp is likely to be an EV version of the X1 SUV, which – following the iX3’s naming convention – will be called the iX1.

Does Citroen Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 4

Citroen is known for employing advanced technologies all throughout its automotive history, but it doesn’t have the widest spread of EVs thus far – and nothing it sells is particularly long range, either, as most use a 50kWh battery. The most practical in terms of driving range is the Volkswagen Golf-sized E-C4 hatchback, which looks the same as the ICE models of the C4 but with blue-pinstriped exterior detailing to mark it out. It’ll go up to 217 miles on a single charge of its battery. The French firm then offers 2 MPVs with all-electric power, the smaller E-Berlingo (with up to 174 miles of range) and the large E-Spacetourer, which can seat up to 9 people but which is limited to a 143-mile maximum driving range. Finally, there’s the quirky Ami city car (it’s actually a quadricycle), which is designed purely for urban landscapes – it has a top speed of 28mph and its tiny 5.5kWh battery will only propel it for up to 45 miles at a time. It’s due on sale later in 2022.

Find out how the e-C4 matches up against its counterpart here.

Does Cupra Make Electric Cars?

02. Best-10-EVs-2022-Cupra-Born

Number Of EV Models: 1

Cupra is not only Spanish company SEAT’s performance arm, it is going to fly the flag for Iberian electrification as well. The Formentor SUV comes in PHEV formats, but the only all-electric model is the new Born hatchback, which shares much underneath the skin with the Volkswagen ID.3 and which also has a maximum driving range of up to 340 miles. A large EV SUV, called the Tavascan, is also in the pipeline and is due to land in 2024.

Does DS Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

A little bit of confusion here, as DS has an electric sub-brand (like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and so on) which it calls E-Tense – but it uses this for PHEVs as well as EVs. So while there are E-Tense versions of all of the DS4, DS7 Crossback and DS9, the only pure EV in this upmarket arm of Citroen’s portfolio right now is the DS3 Crossback E-Tense. It shares the same EMP chassis and drivetrain technology as other Stellantis EVs, such as the Citroen E-C4, Peugeot E-208 and E-2008, and Vauxhall Corsa-E and Mokka-E, and this gives it a maximum driving range of up to 206 miles. The USP of the DS3 Crossback is that it is super-stylish outside and in, so if that’s what you want from an EV then this could be the car to best suit your needs.

Does Fiat Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Fiat took its sweet time getting to grips with electrification, but it was worth the wait. The all-new 500 Electric, sold alongside the traditional ICE 500 which is now called the ‘Classic’ and which will be phased out within 2 years, is one of the best EV city cars of them all. It comes in 2 body styles, these being a hatchback and a convertible (it’s a full-length sliding fabric roof more than a completely folding top, however), and with 2 battery packs, the larger of which will take it up to 199 miles on the WLTP combined cycle. Better than that, the 500 Electric is brilliant to drive and incredibly refined to travel in. Coming next from Fiat is a production version of the Centoventi concept of 2019, which will likely be a replacement for the Italian company’s ageing Panda budget hatchback when it lands – hopefully, before 2022 is out.

Check out how the 500 compares to its electric version here.

Does Ford Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Despite dabbling with hybrids for quite some time now, and even producing an all-electric Focus, Ford only has the 1 all-electric product offering – its Mustang Mach-E midsized SUV. This comes with 2 battery sizes and a range of power/drive choices, with a high-performance GT version sitting at the top of the tree and capable of 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds. However, specified as a Rear-Wheel Drive Extended Range model, this striking vehicle – which takes its exterior styling cues from the classic Mustang muscle car – will go up to 379 miles on a single charge. Ford has announced an all-electric version of its next Transit Custom commercial vehicle, too, but on the passenger side it’s not clear yet what the next EV from the Blue Oval will be.

Does Genesis Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Brand-new luxury marque Genesis, an offshoot of Hyundai, hasn’t taken long to get its first EV on sale. Despite launching all of the G70, G80, GV70 and GV80 ranges in the UK following its arrival in 2021, the GV60 is a sleek, swoopy compact SUV that shares much with the brilliant Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 machines. That means the GV60 has up to 321 miles of 1-shot driving range from its 77.4kWh battery pack, while a 490hp dual-motor Sport Plus model will bring the grins. Genesis will also do EV variants of the existing GV70 and G80 models in the coming months, too.

Does Honda Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Another company with an enviable history of engineering genius, yet one which hasn’t really gone big on electric cars so far, is Honda. However, it has a long history of making hybrids, to the point that hybrid power can be found in all of its main model ranges – and it does have a solitary full electric, the super-cute E city car. It comes in 2 different power outputs but always has the same modest 35.5kWh battery, which means a maximum range of just 137 miles. However, as an incredibly sophisticated way to get around the city streets, few EVs do it better than the Honda E – which is replete with a spectacular interior with a full-width digital dashboard, as well as a rear-wheel-drive chassis for plenty of driving fun.

Does Hyundai Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 3

Hyundai is one of the manufacturers which is pressing ahead with a deeply impressive EV offering. It began with the Ioniq Electric, a fastback-shaped and affordable hatch which can do up to 193 miles on its 38.3kWh lithium-ion battery. The Ioniq is also available as a plain Hybrid or even a Plug-In Hybrid model as well, and that mirrors Hyundai’s second EV, the Kona Electric. This is also available with regular ICE engines, in the form of a mild-hybrid model, a full Hybrid and a high-performance N, but the Kona Electric – which comes with 2 different battery sizes – has a maximum driving range of up to 300 miles; democratising EV travel by being relatively affordable, too. However, the ‘Ioniq’ name – originally appended to a specific model of Hyundai – will now become the Korean company’s watchword for EVs, and this reaches spectacular fruition in the Ioniq 5. This space-age machine, with standout retro-futuristic styling, can also do up to 300 miles on a charge, but brings a huge amount of ‘wow’ factor with it that the Kona Electric doesn’t quite match. Currently offered with up to 305hp, which makes for a 5.2-second 0-62mph time, the Ioniq 5 is rumoured to be getting a 585hp ‘N’ performance model later in 2022… which will do 0-62mph in a supercar-humbling 3.5 seconds!

Read more about the key differences of the Kona and its electric conterpart here.

Does Jaguar Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Despite getting the jump on most of its premium rivals by launching its only EV to date, the I-PACE luxury SUV, in 2017, Jaguar is now falling behind the pack when it comes to zero-emission offerings. That said, the company’s CEO has said Jaguar will shift to being an EV-only company from 2025 onwards, also abandoning SUVs in the process and leaving sister company Land Rover to handle those. In the meantime, the I-PACE continues on sale – and it’s well worth checking out, as its 400hp dual-motor drivetrain plus 90kWh lithium-ion battery results in both 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds and a driving range of up to 292 miles.

Does Kia Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 3

Like related Korean company Hyundai, Kia is leaping ahead with electrification. It has a huge amount of hybrid and PHEV models to choose from, and no fewer than 3 pure EVs to go at as well. In terms of crossovers, choose from the more prosaic E-Niro or the boxy, idiosyncratic Soul, the latter of which is only sold as an EV these days, and you’ll get up to 282 miles to a charge from either of them. However, Kia’s flagship electric is the dramatically styled EV6, a car which is winning plaudits left, right and centre with the critical media. With a more aerodynamic shape than the Ioniq 5, plus a slightly larger 77.4kWh battery pack, the longest-range EV6 will go up to 328 miles on a charge. It’s a quite brilliant EV all round, too.

Check out the e-Niro Vs. the Niro Hybrid here.

Does Lexus Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Lexus, like parent company Toyota, has a long history of making hybrid models, but it only has 1 EV to date – the UX 300e crossover-SUV. A handsome machine on the outside with a high-quality cabin, albeit one let down by a clunky infotainment interface, the UX has a 54.3kWh lithium-ion battery which Lexus claims is ‘rightsized’ for the end user, if the end user is a commuter who does 30 miles daily and less than 145 miles a week. To that end, the 300e will go up to 196 miles on a single charge on its smaller 17-inch wheels, or 190 miles if you opt for a set of larger 18s.

Does Mazda Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Another traditionally innovative manufacturer which hasn’t leapt wholeheartedly into EVs is Mazda, which still places great stock in ‘well-to-wheel’ CO2 requirements of cars; that is to say, how much carbon is also put out by a company to make a vehicle during the manufacturing process, as well as recycling the vehicle when it reaches the end of its life, rather than focusing solely on tailpipe emissions. To that end, it still places great store in super-efficient petrol engines, but it has increased its electrified offering recently – including a PHEV version of its large, all-new CX-60 SUV and a hybrid Mazda2 supermini which is a rebadged Toyota Yaris. However, Mazda does have 1 full EV for you to look at – the unusual MX-30. It’s a crossover-SUV but it has rear-hinged back doors, an interior lined with cork and a small battery pack that only allows for up to 124 miles per charge. However, it’s unlike almost any other small EV to drive due to its relatively light weight, so it’s well worth checking out if you’re a mainly urban driver.

Does Mercedes-Benz Make Electric Cars?

10. No-01-Top-10-Long-Range-EVs-Mercedes-EQS

Number Of EV Models: 7

German company Mercedes-Benz has an overarching ‘EQ’ brand for its electrics and it then uses a suffix letter to denote roughly how large said EV is by relating it to an existing, traditional ICE range of Mercedes vehicles. However, all of the EQA, EQB and EQC models are basically zero-emission versions of the GLA, GLB and GLC SUVs, only with different front and rear styling, whereas the EQE and EQS saloons are bespoke bodies with no ICE analogue models. The confusion will come when the EQS SUV launches later this year, bringing Mercedes’ EQ range to 7 models, as the company already sells an EQV people carrier that is based on the V-Class van. The maximum WLTP 1-shot driving ranges of the respective EQ models are 264 miles (EQA), 257 miles (EQB), 255 miles (EQC), 394 miles (EQE), 453 miles (EQS, currently the longest-range EV on sale from any manufacturer) and 213 miles (EQV). Mercedes is claiming the EQS SUV, meanwhile, will have a maximum range of 380 miles once it launches later this year.

Does MG Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 2

MG may be a relatively small and recent (revived under its Chinese ownership, at least) player in the automotive market, but it has embraced electrification. It has 4 distinct model lines and only 1 of these, the MG3, has no form of electrification available at all. The larger HS SUV is offered with a plug-in hybrid model, but both the smaller ZS SUV and the MG5 estate have full EV options – indeed, in the case of the MG5, it is only available as an electric and it is the only reasonably affordable EV estate on sale at the time of writing. An update to the MG ZS EV in 2020 saw the battery enlarged to 72.6kWh, increasing its 1-shot driving range to a healthy 273 miles, while there’s also a smaller, short-range battery offered which can take the car up to 198 miles on a single charge. The MG5, meanwhile, has just 1 battery specification and can do up to 250 miles before it needs plugging into mains electric again.

Does MINI Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

British brand MINI is known for its funky styling, so its Electric model has alloy wheels which look like 3-pin plug sockets, while the bodywork is trimmed in plenty of bright-green detailing to make it stand out. However, at the moment, MINI just has the 1 Electric variant, which is based upon the 3-door Hatch body; you can’t get this 184hp EV drivetrain in any other body style, such as the practical Clubman and Countryman models. Further, the MINI Electric is very much a city car – its 32.6kWh battery is small by today’s standards and results in a maximum range of 143 miles. Again, though, if you live in urban or semi-urban areas and commute short distances each day, and you want something fun to drive on your way to and from work, this could be the perfect EV for you.

See how the electric Mini fares against the ICE Cooper here.

Does Nissan Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 3

Nissan, it could be argued, was the pioneer of the current wave of EVs flooding the modern automotive market, as it brought its affordable and practical Leaf hatchback to the world in very late 2010. It continues today in its second generation, launched in 2017, and has a range of up to 239 miles these days, but it has taken Nissan quite some time to bring any meaningful EV stablemates to the fore to join the Leaf in battle. The Japanese company does offer the E-NV200, an up-to-7-seat people carrier based on one of its small vans and given a maximum range of just 187 miles courtesy of a 40kWh battery pack, but now the Ariya coupe-crossover-SUV is hoving into view. Think of this as an EV alternative to the all-conquering Qashqai and you’ll be fine – especially as the Ariya has a maximum driving range of up to 310 miles.

Does Peugeot Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 4

French manufacturer Peugeot can leverage its ties to Citroen and Vauxhall to easily create EVs based upon commercial vehicles, which is – ultimately – what 2 of its 4 EV ranges are: both the E-Rifter (up to 172 miles per charge) and the bigger E-Traveller (up to 148 miles per charge) are essentially electric vans with windows and seats. If you don’t fancy either of those, though, Peugeot has you covered with the E-208 supermini and the E-2008 compact crossover-SUV. Both of these look very much like their conventional ICE-powered stablemates, but they will give you up to 225 or 214 miles (respectively) of 1-shot zero-emission driving range, all while looking thoroughly superb both outside and in.

Does Polestar Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Polestar is a spin-off of Swedish company Volvo and despite the fact its first-ever product – inventively called the Polestar 1 – was a PHEV, from the Polestar 2 (can you see the pattern in model names here?) onwards it will only manufacture and sell pure EVs. To that end, it’s a shame that it only has 1 model range at the moment, the aforementioned Polestar 2. However, it’s a cracking car: it comes in 3 main configurations, the longest-range of which will whisk you up to 336 miles in typically hushed EV discretion. That it’s also a smart-looking machine on the outside and is blessed with one of the industry’s highest-quality interiors is merely the icing on the cake. Soon, the 2 will be joined by the Polestar 3 SUV (due at the end of 2022) and a Polestar 5 high-performance saloon (due 2024), which does kind of leave us guessing what the Polestar 4, to slot into that gap, will be…

Head here for a full rundown on the Polestar 2.

Does Porsche Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Technically, upmarket sports car company Porsche just has 1 EV line… but WHAT a line it is! The Taycan saloon progenitor has spawned not 1 but 2 estate-type offspring, in the form of the road-biased Sport Turismo and then also the off-road-themed Cross Turismo. Some of these only have 1 motor and rear-wheel drive, while most have 2 motors and 4-wheel drive, but almost all of them are incredibly quick – with the fastest Turbo S models serving up a huge 761hp and a 2.8-second 0-62mph time. For the longest range, you need a model with what’s called the Performance Battery Pack (PBP), rated at 93.4kWh – it’s used to best effect on the GTS model, which can do up to 313 miles on a single charge of its system.

Find out more about the Taycan 4S model here.

Does Renault Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Another long-serving EV, having launched in 2012 using learnings from the distantly related Nissan Leaf project, Renault’s Zoe is a straightforward supermini that just so happens to be powered purely by electric. Increases in the size of its battery pack and level of EV technology over the intervening years means the Zoe can now claim a maximum driving range of 238 miles per charge. However, aside from a couple of commercial vehicles which run on electric, and the departed Twizy city runabout as well, Renault hasn’t yet added another EV to its passenger-car range besides the Zoe. In later 2022, a new-generation Megane E-Tech will rectify that, but we’ve waited a while for the second EV from the French concern.

See how the Zoe fares against the Clio here.

Does Skoda Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

Skoda has come up with the 2-letter identifier ‘iV’ to denote its electrified vehicles, but that does mean both PHEVs and EVs, so don’t assume an iV Skoda is always going to have zero tailpipe emissions. The [Enyaq] SUV (https://www.vanarama.com/car-leasing/skoda/enyaq), however, is Skoda’s first dedicated (and currently only) EV, coming in both regular 5-door format and also as a more rakish Enyaq Coupe. With a maximum range of 331 miles for the SUV and 312 miles for the Coupe, this is an EV with decent 1-shot range, and it also boasts all of Skoda’s traditional attributes, such as a huge cabin, plenty of material quality and high levels of refinement. The Enyaq shares underpinnings with Volkswagen’s ID.4, so expect more ID-based EV Skodas in the coming years as the Czech company seeks to expand its electric portfolio to 6 models by 2025. Indeed, Skoda has already said its next 3 EVs will all be smaller than the Enyaq, although they’ll also presumably be larger than the now-defunct and somewhat short-lived E-Citigo.

Does Smart Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 2

Mercedes subsidiary Smart has transitioned to an all-electric line-up these days and its parentage shows in the fact these 2 ranges are called the EQ Fortwo and EQ Forfour – EQ being Mercedes’ electric brand. Based on the diminutive Fortwo city car and the slightly more practical Forfour hatchback, these Smart EVs look suitably cool but do bear in mind that they have tiny battery packs and are therefore (with the exception of the forthcoming Citroen Ami) the shortest-range EVs on sale in the UK right now: you’ll get a maximum of 83 miles from a single charge of the EQ Fortwo and just 81 miles from the EQ Forfour.

Check out our EQ Forfour review here.

Does Tesla Make Electric Cars?

Tesla-Model-Y-imagery (2)

Number Of EV Models: 4

Huge EV driving range, stupendous performance stats, Falcon Wing doors, whoopee cushion noises for the seats via the infotainment, minimalist interiors with 15-inch touchscreens to control everything… yep, it’s fair to say that Tesla is a standout brand. This American disruptor, headed by Elon Musk, is a pure EV manufacturer – it has never made a car with an ICE onboard. The current product range is made up of 2 SUVs and 2 lower-riding cars, with the Model 3 saloon (up to 374 miles of range) providing the entry point to Tesla ownership. The most recent addition is the Model Y SUV (up to 331 miles of range), which looks much like the Model 3, only a bit taller. The Model X SUV (up to 348 miles of range) is the vehicle with the trick Falcon Wing rear doors, while the Model S fastback (up to 405 miles of range) is simultaneously both the longest-serving and grandest model Tesla makes. Both the Models S and X have ‘Plaid’ versions – named from a sequence in Musk’s favourite film, 1980s sci-fi spoof Spaceballs – which have 3 electric motors delivering up to 1020hp; enough, reputedly, for a 200mph top speed and sub-2-second 0-60mph time in the Tesla Model S Plaid!

See how the Model 3 compares to the Model Y here.

Does Toyota Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 1

As we said with its offspring Lexus earlier, Toyota has been making hybrids for decades now, yet has seemed strangely reluctant to adopt EV technology entirely. That changes this year with its first full-electric passenger model, the bZ4X SUV, which has a maximum range of 317 miles and which will also be sold as a Subaru called the Solterra (much like Toyota and Subaru co-developed the GT86 and BRZ sports cars a few years back). Furthermore, there are some electric versions of the Proace commercial vehicle that Toyota presently makes, but for passenger EVs it’s essentially the bZ4X or nothing.

Does Vauxhall Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 4

Piggybacking off Peugeot and Citroen, core parts of the PSA group which bought out Vauxhall just prior to the creation of the Stellantis mega-conglomerate, Vauxhall has used existing PSA EV technologies to quickly bolster its electric offering. And, just like Peugeot, there are 2 MPV EVs, 1 B-segment crossover EV and a B-segment supermini EV. Choose from the Combo-E Life (174 miles of range) or the Vivaro-E Life (143 miles of range) if you want to shift lots of people in one go (up to 7 for the Combo-E and a maximum of 9 in the Vivaro-E), or instead opt for the sharp-suited Corsa-E hatchback (222 miles of range) or Mokka-E crossover (209 miles of range) models. All use a 50kWh battery pack which can charge at a maximum 100kW DC rate, so replenishment of their electrical resources can be done easily in less than an hour on the right connection.

Does Volkswagen Make Electric Cars?


Number Of EV Models: 4 (6 if counting outgoing stock)

Volkswagen’s new electric sub-brand is termed ‘ID’, which has already given us the ID.3 hatchback, the ID.4 SUV and the ID.5, which is a coupe-like version of the ID.4. Coming soon is the striking ID.Buzz, which references the iconic VW camper van of the 1960s, but – at the time of writing – VW still had stocks of its ageing E-Golf (max range: 144 miles) and E-Up (max range: 159 miles) hatchbacks on the UK website. However, ID is where it’s at, with the ID.3 serving up a maximum of 259 miles of 1-shot driving range, while the ID.4 and ID.5 manage 320 or 313 miles respectively. The ID.Buzz, meanwhile, has around 250 miles of driving range, but it does come with lashings of style to part-way make up for its lesser driving capability.

Find out everything you need to know about the VW ID range here.

Does Volvo Make Electric Cars?

04. Best-10-EVs-2022-Volvo-C40

Number Of EV Models: 1

Resurgent Swedish company Volvo has plenty of electricity in its range, as every model line it sells has at least a mild hybrid and a PHEV within its ranks. However, it does have 2 pure EVs to choose from, which are the C40 Recharge and the XC40 Recharge. These are basically the same vehicle, with the C40 being the coupe model and the XC40 the more traditional SUV. Choose from front-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive versions, and either 69- or 78kWh battery packs, all of which give you between 267-274 miles of range on the C40 and 258-264 miles of range on the XC40. Underneath, these vehicles use similar technology to the Polestar 2, so it’s a sound and proven EV platform.

Read our in-depth review for the XC40 here.

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