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Iveco Lease Deals

Iveco is a name synonymous with commercial vans – it’s an acronym for ‘Industrial Vehicles Corporation’ in case you wondered.  This Italian commercial vehicle maker designs and builds commercial vehicles of all sorts, as well as construction site vehicles, buses and vehicles designed for firefighting, the military and civil defence. Iveco produces around 150,000 commercial vehicles a year.

So that’s a pretty impressive pedigree if you’re thinking about purchasing an Iveco vehicle for your business.

Iveco has been working hard on developing a new range of its popular Daily vehicles, including body styles such as the New Daily van, crew cab, minibus and dropside.

The New Daily Chassis Cab offers the strength of a heavy truck while displaying the agility and manoeuvrability of a light vehicle, making it an ideal choice for a construction site. The chassis can be used as a base for a fixed or tipping body, or refrigerated van as well as special vehicles such as ambulances and campers.

The New Daily Minibus meanwhile, offers a number of configuration choices including specialist equipment needed for transporting disabled passengers.

When you buy an Iveco commercial vehicle, you get access to the company’s technical assistance network, which offers more than 2,300 deals and service centres manned by expert technicians and offering the most advanced diagnostic systems.

Iveco also offers its own roadside assistance service, and a range of tailored planned maintenance contracts.

The new front end of the vehicle brings style along with some changes including new headlight clusters which incorporate daytime running lights – you can even opt for cornering fog lights, which light up the road depending on which way you steer.

Beneath the re-designed grille sits a new radiator and air flow control system, together with a cooling system that has been designed especially for Iveco’s powerful range of engines.

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