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9 questions to ask yourself BEFORE arranging van insurance

Published on Friday 03 February 2017 in Van News

9 questions to ask yourself BEFORE arranging van insurance

The market for van insurance is very competitive and there are many different products and premium prices. Here's 9 SIMPLE QUESTIONS to ask yourself before getting a quote.


1) What type of insurance do I need?

Knowing this will kick the conversation onto the right path, and the insurance company might offer suggestions of more suitable policies for you.


2) Am I going to be the policyholder or my company?

Decide what makes best sense for you and your business.


3) Do I need to cover any other people to drive the vehicle on a regular basis?

If so, do I know their details so I can get an accurate insurance quote (e.g. date of birth, claims history, licence details)?


4) What is the average total value of the tools and goods in the van at any one time?

Get as close to the total as possible, your insurance quote will be far more accurate because of this.


5) Where do I park the van overnight?

Driveway? Locked in a garage? On the road? This will affect your quote.


6) Do I drive the van long distances, or do I only use it within a small area?

Mileage is important to know, and will affect your premium.


7) If my vehicle needs repairs at any point, will I need a courtesy vehicle, and what type?

A replacement vehicle must not slow you down, make sure you state the type of courtesy vehicle you need to continue working.


8) I've leased a van, I need to keep these three things in mind when hunting for insurance quotes:

a. The finance company is the owner of the vehicle.

b. Myself or my company is the named keeper.

c. I am the named driver.


9) When do I want cover to start from, is it the same day as the vehicle is delivered?

Probably yes, but work out when you're most likely to start driving the vehicle and make sure the policy covers you from that date.


And there it is, 9 simple questions to have answers for to ensure the quote you get is tailored exactly to your business needs. Simple as that!

If you would like to talk about van insurance with Vanarama, give us a call on 01442 838 173 – we're ready and waiting!