Can a van’s load space be customised?

Vanarama has been asked about customising the inside of vans a lot this month, so I wrote this blog post to help answer some of those questions.Jorden Adams reports.

Load space customisation is clearly one of the top apprehensions our customers face when considering leasing a vehicle, so let's see what I can do about squashing it.

We know that the back of your van is the hub of your business. From carrying products and materials for your clients, to storing your tools and paperwork - these are all things that need a secure, practical and organised space to live in. But where to start?

How can I organise my van?

Go all 'IKEA' and get some racking installed to fulfil your storage solution dreams! From bespoke designs made specifically to your requirements, to basic and simplistic shelving systems – we can get it arranged for you.

Simply add the costs to your monthly rentals or pay up front, and we can have this all sorted for you before your van is delivered, saving you time and worry. If you'd rather arrange the fitting yourself, that's no problem either, however we strongly recommend you use a company that specialises in this field.

You can even choose to pay for accessories completely separately, just ensure that they are removed at the end of your contract. As long as there is no damage on the vehicle, there will be no additional fees!

Will it affect my end-of-contract charges?

We also know that damage charges at the end of your lease are top of your priority list. So, we offer some simple solutions, which will not only help you personalise your van, but provide reassurance that your van is shielded against harsh wear and tear.

Ply lining is a great way of protecting the floor of your van. Knowing that you can simply remove the lining at the end of your lease to reveal a spotless floor provides real peace of mind and significantly reduces the risk of incurring any additional charges.

Would you like to know more?

Our Fair Wear & Tear Guide provides further information and guidance on what to expect at the end of your vehicle contract.

For further peace of mind on security, check out our top tips for making your van more secure, without spending a fortune [here]((/latest-news/how-can-i-make-my-van-more-secure.html).

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