MOTs & Covid-19 Outbreak: What To Do If Your MOT Is Due

With the UK's third national lockdown now in effect, a logical question to ask is what will happen if your van or pickup truck's MOT due date is approaching. In this article you'll find the answer to that question & useful information on keeping your vehicle safe to drive during the current lockdown.

Can I Get My Vehicle An MOT During The Latest Lockdown?

Yes, you can get your vehicle an MOT during the latest lockdown. The Government has confirmed that MOT test centres will stay open across the UK. However, the same is not true of vehicle servicing where non-essential vehicle maintenance is not considered a good enough reason to break the "stay at home" rules currently in effect - you can read more about that in our article about MOTs in lockdown.

Brand new commercial vehicles usually don't need an MOT for the first 3 years, so if your current vehicle is old & unsafe you can still lease a new vehicle during lockdown. You can also find out the types of work tradespeople across the UK can carry out.

What Safety Measures Are MOT Test Centres Expected To Follow?

The Government has released new guidelines aimed at helping customers & staff remain safe while MOT tests are being conducted.

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has confirmed that to help ensure MOT tests are conducted safely, customers are encouraged to read the guidelines themselves here.

In short, customers & staff must wear a face covering in all indoor public areas - unless they have a reasonable excuse not to. Social distancing must also be practiced at all times. Where social distancing is not possible to

Can I Watch The MOT Test Or Wait For It To Be Completed At The Garage?

MOT Test Centres have been advised that if they can follow social distancing rules, customers are allowed to view the MOT test or wait in reception. However, the centre can close these areas if they decide it is safer to do so.

Where Can I Get My MOT Certificate?

MOT Test Centres are not allowed to print MOT certificates, unless a customer needs it for a specific reason. You can download & print your MOT certificate when you get home & check your MOT history on the Government's website here.

Can I Drive My Vehicle If It Hasn't Got An MOT?

Your vehicle must be safe to drive, because even if your MOT expiry date was extended during the 1st lockdown, it's possible your vehicle might still be unsafe to drive.

Be aware that you can be fined up to £2,500, be banned & receive 3 penalty points for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition. So, if there is anything wrong with your vehicle, take it to get repaired at the nearest open garage because the Government has allowed them to stay open.

Finally, a reminder about driving your vehicle if your MOT has run out - don't do it. If you get caught you can be prosecuted. The only exceptions to this rule is if you're driving your vehicle to get it repaired at a garage or to a pre-booked MOT test. If you're not doing either of those things, it is illegal to drive your vehicle without an MOT.


The following information was part of a previous article published on the Vanarama website in March 2020. This information is now considered out of date, but it references the MOT extensions offered during the first UK national lockdown so may still be useful for readers whose vehicles were affected.

What To Do If Your MOT Is Due AFTER 30th March 2020

You won't need to do anything except keep your vehicle safe to drive. Your vehicle will be automatically given a 6-month MOT exemption extending your current MOT expiry date by 6 months.

Example: Say your vehicle's MOT was due to expire on the 3rd April 2020, this is now extended by 6 months to 3rd October 2020 & you'll need to get your MOT by this date.

Checking your MOT history: The Government makes it really easy to check your MOT history online to see when you have been given the 6-month exemption. It will not be updated straight away, so keep checking back because you will not get sent a paper exemption certificate by post.

What If My MOT Was Due Before The 30th March 2020 & My Failed Its MOT?

Unfortunately, your vehicle will not get an extension to its MOT due date & your vehicle will need to pass an MOT before you can drive it again - good news is that the Government is allowing MOT centres & garages to remain open, so you can still get an MOT if you need your vehicle for the following reasons:

  • Shopping for basic necessities - such as food or medicine - as infrequently as possible.

  • Medical need or helping to care for a vulnerable person.

  • Travel to work - only if needed.

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