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Get ready, get set... it's the brand-new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter review

Published on Tuesday 19 February 2019 in Van News

Get ready, get set... it's the brand-new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter review

How big is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter? Very!

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter finishes first place when it comes to the big-van race (and it's even more affordable on a lease). But you're probably wondering exactly why it's a winner... Vanarama's Tia Richards reports.

A backend that can carry a bulky payload, tech-defying trim, versatility and it drives like a dream! Can we just take a minute to give Mercedes-Benz a MASSIVE round of applause for creating a truly brilliant van? Check out our full Mercedes Sprinter video review right here, right now >>>


Mercedes Sprinter gets top marks for tech

Now, Mercedes really have gone all out when it comes to the Sprinter's tech spec and it really puts other vans on its par to shame.

There is no way you will be disappointed. How could you be when it speaks to you? Seriously! The conversation starts with you saying, "hey Mercedes" and the response (composed in a very delicate but assertive tone) is "how can I help?" So, it's not the longest conversation you'll ever hold but it gets the job done.

The voice control system is part of Mercedes-Benz's MBUX technology set (Mercedes-Benz user experience) and it is DEFINITELY an experience, it's like something you would see on Back to the Future. Mercedes even label it as 'state-of-the-art', which it certainly is. Check out our Mercedes Sprinter interior video review of the cabin tech right here:

It gets better. The MBUX tech kits you out with a 7" infotainment touch-screen, but this isn't any ordinary display, there's a built-in web browser. Which by the way you should only use when parked! I know, I bet you're thinking is there anything the Sprinter doesn't have... it doesn't feel like it. Mercedes has even put your entire driver handbook into the 7" screen, but if you're not happy with that you still get the bulky book for your service stamps.

Other futuristic features include:

  • Keyless start - they're not the first to have it and they won't be the last, but the point is there's no keys needed.
  • Push-of-a-button breakdown assistance – which can easily be mistaken for the cabin light (this happened to us).
  • Multi-function steering wheel, kitted out with buttons to control EVERYTHING in the cabin.

So, think of the Sprinter as a sea captain and other large vans as the sailors being made to walk the plank. Who would you want to be?

Backend as big as your bedroom

The load space in the Mercedes Sprinter isn't bad either, actually its great and... how shall we put it... BIG! Want to know how big? The L3H2 version we reviewed measures in at over 4 meters in length and 1.7 meters in width! Check out our review of the Mercedes Sprinter load space review:

If you're like me and you're not familiar with metres and whatever else numerical then let me give you a more realistic idea of how enormous the Sprinter is. So, if it's over 4 metres in length and 1.7 metres in width then you can fit two super king size beds in its load space!

If you don't need a payload as big as this one, the Sprinter has three more sizes you can choose from. Ranking from smallest to biggest - L1 (short), L2 (medium), L3 (long) and the biggest being L4 (extra-long). There's a range of roof heights to: H1 (standard) H2 (high) and H3 (super-high).

Oh, and going on with the theme of bedroom, it's important to point out that you can decorate the load space of the Sprinter as if it were your boudoir. But maybe not so much fabric and paint, think more roof racks and ply-lining. Additional interior accessories for the cargo bed are:

  • LED light strips
  • Lashing rail system
  • Wall anchoring system
  • Rachet and restraint belts
  • Multifunction storage box

Right, so the backend is brilliant but what's it like to drive?

Seatbelt on, you're in the driving seat

Grab your jacket, were going for a drive in the Mercedes Sprinter.

Let's go with our tried and tested 6-speed manual model which revs up to 112bhp. The Sprinter takes to the road like a duck in water, and its weighty body doesn't prove to hold it back. In fact, it feels more like you're driving a car than a large van. Its pulling power is seamless when you change gear, and its engine is softly spoken.

And, when you're in the driving seat it's like you're in a translucent glass box, its massive windows with minimal trim mean there's visibility everywhere. The large door mirrors help accommodate the range of road too.

The only thing we can criticise is the size of the cupholders, they are ridiculously small. Oh, and one other thing, the suspension, its slightly spongey, but it's bound to be if there's no load, you're just throwing around empty weight?

But the good news is that this 3.5t van has three more engine outputs, 143bhp, 163bhp and 190bhp. And, if you don't want a manual gearbox there's automatic.

There's no question about it the Sprinter is big, so its going to have a bigger engine. Automatically you think bigger the engine bigger the emissions. Well worry no more, its EURO 6 engines mean emissions are reduced.

Mercedes really do think of everything.

At the finish line in no time

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter runs past its contenders in the large van race, there's no wonder it's called the Sprinter. From the bonnet to the backend it's an all-round winner. We think Mercedes have created a truly impressive van that is first to the finish line when it comes to its tech and dimension spec.

If you haven't put your bets on the Sprinter and need even more convincing... why not check out our podcast all about it? Tom Roberts and LCV expert Tim Cattlin took out two different models and chat about what they thought right here >>>