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Signwriting Your Van - The Ultimate Guide

Published on Wednesday 21 August 2019 in Van News

Signwriting Your Van - The Ultimate Guide

Signwriting your van is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to promote your business, even when your van is parked on the drive in the evening. Don't hesitate – turn your brand-new van into a roving mobile billboard for your business! The good news is that if you lease with Vanarama, there are no restrictions on having your van professionally signwritten. However, we do advise that you use vinyl signage material so it can be removed with ease before you return your van at the end of your contract.

What Are The Benefits Of Signwriting?

It's all very well us telling you what a difference it makes but we thought we'd let our customers speak for themselves so this is what Vanarama customer Lee Wright had to say about the benefits of having his lovely new van signwritten…

"I got £10k of new business in one week!"

"I knew that quality signwriting is a great way to market a business. With my new Ford I now have the perfect business partner acting as my mobile advertising billboard. By having my van professionally signwritten I've now got a great big advert for my business on site wherever I am working.

"I was doing a job the other week with the van parked out the front. By the end of the job three of my customer's neighbours came and asked me to quote. The result? An extra £10k plus worth of business! That never happened when I was driving my old van."

Top 5 Signwriting Tips

1. Choose A Professional To Signwrite Your Van

Ask to see photos or computer images of vans they have worked on and get a fixed quote in writing.

2. Stay Consistent With Your Business's Brand

Try to ensure the typeface and colour used on your signwriting closely matches your business's brand.

3. Keep It Simple

Don't cram too much information on the van, it will make it hard to read from a distance and when you're on the move. Less is more!

4. Include Contact Details

Ensure your website, logo and any accreditations are included. Send the message that you're a trusted and professional brand.

5. Check It Before You Wreck It

Ask for a proof of what the signage will look like before giving the go ahead. You'll probably want to make some changes. Are there any spelling mistakes?