Vanarama joins the Institute of Customer Service to improve your customer experience with us

Providing you with brilliant customer service and high levels of satisfaction is a priority at Vanarama. Part of being recognised as the 27th Best Small Company to Work For in the UK by The Sunday Times was due to our staff completing a survey on their thoughts about working for Vanarama. The results showed they put a huge emphasis on the importance of customer service. All members of our staff agreed Vanarama constantly seeks to improve the service we offer to you.

To further enhance your customer service experience, Vanarama has joined the Institute of Customer Service (ICS). This means you'll benefit from our ongoing commitment in providing support which is eager to help and keen to resolve any issues which may arise. Working with the ICS, Vanarama will gain from the knowledge they have from working with over 500 other customer focused organisations.

Investing in the future of our staff and you

Dominic Tutton, Vanarama Customer Relations Manager said: "The investment in the Institute of Customer Service is not only as a development for our staff, but for our customers too. It's a real benchmark in proving that we are passionate about customer service and achieving our expectations of being a high quality service provider."

Founded in 1996, the Institute of Customer Service was set up with the intention to grow the performance of customer service, whilst raising the profile of those working directly or indirectly in customer care.The ICS enables organisations to achieve tangible business benefits through class leading customer service which are aligned to their business goals. They provide a structure for members to share and learn for each other and offer wide-ranging support for continuous customer service improvement.

Why has Vanarama joined the Institute of Customer Service?

The reasons behind Vanarama becoming a member of the ICS include:

• To challenge ourselves amongst other members and gain recognition from the ICS that Vanarama is providing award winning customer service at their annual conference. By raising our standards to compete against companies who are renowned for delivering fantastic service, you will benefit from improved levels of support which will provide you with a smoother and easier process of ordering your new vehicle.• To be aware instantly of any major developments and changes within the customer service industry. These will be shared amongst our staff so you'll receive the improvements from the new methods and techniques which are learnt. If there's a way to make life easier for you, we'll ensure we do this for you.• To be able to benefit from training and courses offered by the ICS. As our staff learn and develop a greater knowledge of customer service, they'll be able to offer you service and assistance which is of the highest standard. You can feel confident you'll receive committed and expert support from the team at Vanarama.


Vanarama is a company you can trust

Vanarama prides itself on being a company you can trust and delivers on the promises made to you. This is just one of eight points of our Customer Service Charter. It forms the basis of our customer care and the support which is provided to you. Over 95% of our customers would recommend us to their families and friends.

Vanarama customer Dianne Franklin said: "We were very impressed by your professional approach. We were guided through the process from our initial enquiry, until we received our vehicle and your staff are very efficient and friendly and very helpful. I will definitely be recommending your company."Vanarama becomes only the second vehicle leasing broker to join the ICSFrom the hundreds of vehicle leasing companies in the UK, only one other has become a member of the ICS. Vanarama takes customer service seriously and being able to find new ways to improve your experience of dealing with us is hugely important.

Working harder, better, faster and stronger for you

At the start of the year a customer service programme called Hearts and Minds: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger was launched by Vanarama. Nine members of staff were selected as Service Ninjas to lead the company in delivering you with exceptional customer service. Our aim is to be brilliant, consistently brilliant. This will be achieved by being passionate about how you are treated and ensuring you are at the forefront of everything we do.

Looking after you, every step of the way

Dominic Tutton, Vanarama Customer Relations Manager said: "When you lease through Vanarama, you can be confident that we'll look after you every step of the way. Should there ever be an issue with a dealer or manufacturer regarding your vehicle - we'll ensure this is resolved as quickly as possible by working with you. You can rely on us to help you and by joining the Institute of Customer Service, we'll make sure we deliver an even better service for you."

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