JB Sound, bringing music to life since 2001

A love of sound engineering encouraged Joe Barker to establish sound equipment hire business, JB Sound.  Since then his services have helped thousands of people enjoy music and entertainment at gigs and venues across the UK.  Joe took time out to talk to us about building his business and his latest venture into TV stardom in the Vanarama TV advert!

Why did you choose to start your own business and go solo rather than being employed?

Since I first encountered the wonderful world of live sound engineering it became apparent that there were far fewer jobs than there were people wanting to get into the industry. So from the beginning I knew that my best bet was to forge my own future. In the early years I worked full time during the day, and developed my engineering skills in the evenings until I could support myself entirely through my own business endeavours.

How long has your business been trading?

JB Sound has been trading since 2001, when I bought some equipment that would allow me to record local bands at their gigs. Once I made a few contacts I invested a little more so that I could provide the sound and lighting systems too. Now, in 2016 we provide equipment and crew for a hugely varied group of clients; we can cater for everything from a birthday party to a national touring production.

Can you offer any tips for people considering starting their own business?

First and foremost you must have genuine passion for the work that you intend to do, because it will make it so much easier to put in the time and effort required to succeed in self-employment. You must also decide exactly what you want to achieve, make a plan, then research whether it will be possible to sustain it and be profitable.

What are your ambitions for your business going into the future?

The ongoing mission is always to look at the services we currently offer, and find ways to improve them to give our customers a thoroughly excellent service. In the longer term I would like to see the company grow as we offer even more exciting products and services to the music and events industries.

How do you feel about starring in the Vanarama TV advert?

The prospect was quite terrifying, but the experience of filming was one to remember! It isn't something that I have done before, but I was happy to take part because I am genuinely happy and impressed by the service that Vanarama provide. Same time next year?!

Take a look at Joe's starring role in the Vanarama TV advert here:

For more information on JB Sound, please visit: www.jbsound.co

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