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Looking for Nissan Navara reviews? Vanarama has got you covered

Published on Thursday 10 August 2017 in Van News

Looking for Nissan Navara reviews? Vanarama has got you covered

With 80 years' of history in the pickup sector, Nissan's nous shows in the latest versions of its famous truck – the Nissan Navara. It's a comfy, robust truck that anyone would want to have…but don't just take Vanarama Content Editor Tom Roberts' word for it, the people who drive them are the ones you want to hear from – customer review ahoy!

Nissan seems to have it all right now…the Qashqai, Juke and X-Trail are fantastic vehicles proving to be incredibly popular, and in the latest version of the Navara pickup truck they've tried to combine a little bit of each of those vehicles into one rugged package. A package that includes an excellent five-year / 100,000-mile manufacturer's warranty, if that sort of peace of mind tickles your fancy?

And they've only gone and made it work, which is why it's deserving of all that praise people keep heaping on it. Customer Patrick Burton says: "It's an excellent multi-use vehicle – just as expected." And another of our customers, Adam Callis, lays his cards firmly on the table calling it "the best pickup money can buy". High praise, indeed.


Interior quality

Inside the Navara is a "well-appointed car" feel that Nissan has worked hard to perfect over previous versions. Customer Daniel Parker comments that the Navara left him "very impressed with the level of equipment and the refinement".

And it turns out that even pets get to enjoy some of those benefits. Happy owner John Modlinsky told us that his new pickup was a great motor, and just what he needed for his "10-stone dog's comfort". That one has us laughing in the office – but it shows how the vehicle can be just as useful when employed as a family vehicle.

That's where the Navara excels: whether you're looking to use it for business or pleasure, or somewhere in the middle, it's got you covered.


Exterior style

But the outside isn't left behind, as our customer David Newton points out, saying he thinks the Navara "looks stunning in Savanah Yellow" and is getting his business noticed. But that's what Nissan is getting very good at…manufacturing attractive vehicles with added benefits where they count. For example, did you know that every single version of this truck has an mpg in the 40s?

This type of economy is great news for someone looking for a pickup that won't cost an arm and a leg. Customer Tony King said: "The vehicle is already giving me more mpg than I thought would be possible in such a large vehicle, and it cruises effortlessly on the motorway."


Final thoughts

Nissan promised that the Navara pickup would "continue to offer refinement and increased performance while remaining a dependable workhorse". And I think they've succeeded.

Efficient engines, tough suspension and sexy interior keep it a compelling choice for UK pickup drivers. Take on the benefits of reduced emissions, and that generous 5-year warranty, and I'll peg Nissan is in with a chance of class leadership! But hey, I might be wrong…what do you think?

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