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Survey shows that van leasing is the way forward

Published on Tuesday 02 July 2013 in Van News

A recent survey into Company Van Trends has shown that four years is the most common replacement cycle for fleet vans*. More than half of the 176 organisations questioned (55%) said they run on a four year cycle. 27% operate their vans for five years. Meanwhile just 10% of companies said that they kept vans until they were no longer economically viable.

It's not just the big name companies that realise looking at the whole-life cost of a vehicle is the clever thing to do. No matter what size of business you run, hanging onto a scruffy old van that has seen better days can hit your pocket with crippling repair bills when you least expect it and damage your company image at the same time.

We see from this survey that lots of the big fleet managers lease vans to make sure their running costs are predictable. But van leasing isn't just a luxury for the big boys. No matter what van lease your business needs - be it a Ford Transit or a Mercedes Sprinter, van leasing will help you manage your costs, which will be predictable and contained, and may even cost you less in the long term.

Take a look at this example of buying a used Ford Transit versus leasing a brand new Ford Transit model and it will soon become clear that driving your van to destruction is not the answer!

*GE Capital - Quarterly Van Trends survey