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The Ford Transit Connect in all its glory

Published on Wednesday 06 December 2017 in Van News

The Ford Transit Connect in all its glory

Everything you need to know about the Connect...

In the big wide world of vehicles, the Ford Transit Connect features under the Ford umbrella – an all-conquering Transit line. But the Connect is an excellent vehicle in its own right, and one of the finest small vans to drive. Vanarama's Laura Day takes a closer look at all its best features.

A well thought out, practical design, the Connect really is just a lovely van to be out and about in.


Driving dynamics

Wholly reflective of Ford's history of merging responsive and composed handling – the Connect drives more like a car than a van. With impressive body control and well-weighted steering, it's a pleasure to be behind the wheel of a Connect.


In the compact van class, the Connect's loading capabilities are very reasonable compared to its competitors. Access is also good with its fitted side-hinged rear doors plus a kerb-side sliding door – for a little van, this thing's really roomy.

And although the bulkhead sticks out and invades the loading space ever so slightly, this allows for more room in the cabin, meaning you and your passenger can enjoy maximum comfort in the front.


High security

An immobiliser and powered deadlocks are standard features of the Connect.

It's also equipped with auto relocking, this means that once the doors are shut and untouched for 45 seconds, they will automatically lock – maximising the security of your tools and equipment in the back of the van.

Cabin craic

For a small van, the Connect has got a surprising amount of space. With reasonable headroom and some clever storage options, the interior is a practical delight.

And with a flexible dual passenger seat that can flip up to create either extra storage, or fold down to create a practical desk space – the Connect has convenience at the very heart of it.

To wrap up

The Connect is a real case of what you see is what you get.

With a roomy cabin and a supple drive, the Connect is perfect for commercial vehicle drivers who need a powerful and stable, compact van to haul their goods about.

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