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Top 5 customer questions about van leasing – January 2017

Published on Friday 20 January 2017 in Van News

Top 5 customer questions about van leasing – January 2017

At Vanarama, we're all about making sure that anybody wanting to find out more about van leasing can understand what's what...especially when they want to do so with us.

No question is too big, no query too small, we'll answer them all – just give us a call on 01442 838195, we're here to help.

You can take a look at all of the questions we've been asked to see if yours has already been tackled, or ask one yourself, but here's the top five questions of January 2017 that our top-notch team of experts has already answered so far:


Does Vanarama lease to new drivers if they part own the business?

Yes, we do. All we ask is that you have a full UK driving license.


Can I get insurance and tax included with my lease if I'm a self-employed courier?

Yes, you can – Vanarama now offers van insurance. Give us a call on 01442 838173 to speak to our dedicated insurance team and get a quote.

As for tax, all of our vehicles come with tax included in the monthly rentals for the duration of the term.


Are there maximum mileage limits on Vanarama's leasing deals?

Yes, most finance companies have limitations on the mileage. The maximum most will allow is 50K per annum, and most of our funders will not allow a vehicle to be handed back with any more than 180,000 miles in total.


Does Vanarama allow a vehicle to be used for self-drive hire?

Due to the terms and conditions of the finance companies we are associated with the vehicle would not be able to be used for a self–drive hire – but give us a call to talk about it further and we'll explain why.


Can I view a vehicle before I proceed with a finance application?

The majority of our vehicles are in stock all around the UK in various compounds, and we do not keep vehicles at our head office. However, please get in touch and we will definitely see if we can get something arranged.


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