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Top 5 reasons the VW Crafter should be on your wish list

Published on Thursday 26 January 2017 in Van News

Top 5 reasons the VW Crafter should be on your wish list

Five-star reviews are just something that seems to happen to the VW Crafter. Auto Express showered it with praise in their review, noting that it packs a high-quality interior, loads of safety features and great comfort into a very practical package.

At the top of VW's commercial vehicle range, the Crafter is well worth your time, and here's five reasons why!


1) Running costs and MPG are competitive

With a 2.0-litre engine across the range, the Crafter exceeds expectations with mpgs in the top 30s. There's even one less oil change needed in the first 200,000km – a big bonus. The stop-start system is also capable of boosting fuel economy by around 15%, and it's apparently very aerodynamic, which means you effectively cut through the air while driving.


2) It handles the road like a van half its size

That VW easy drive shines through, even on a van this big. It's like the van is always ready for any eventuality. Corners are smooth, braking is solid and controlled, and it's got good power. One of our customers, Martin Howdle, said: "It's a good strong van that does exactly what it's meant to do." Simple, effective and composed driving – easy with a Crafter.


3) Reliable and safe to drive

Four airbags, ABS, ESP stability control, Automatic Post-Collision Braking System and side wind assist – and that's just standard safety kit. There's a whole host of further options available, you just have to think about HOW safe you want to be. This truly is a difficult van to have an accident in thanks to the thoughtful safety features.


4) Packs loads of space in the back

This is where the Crafter shines, the maximised capacity and more plentiful body sizes mean there's a version to suit any user – at its highest level, the big van's rear bay is 18.4m3 and capable of carrying weights up to 5.5 tonnes. Amazing! Access to this area is by the rear hinged doors and sliding doors that open to about 1.3m wide.


5) The interior is high-quality and comfy

As good as it gets, and then some. The Crafter's interior gets all the praise. Top-quality build, durable materials, plenty of storage – door pockets, glove box, overhead shelves – even the central seat can be folded down into a desk. All-in-all, it's clear why Anthony Groves commented that the Crafter is "good value and good looking", probably because it's a well-thought-out van designed with work in mind.


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