Top 5 Things We Love About The Peugeot Expert

The Peugeot Expert is a fleet operator's dream that delivers everything you'd want in a mid-size commercial vehicle! This PSA group medium van certainly has some similarities to its EMP2 platform brothers and sisters - the Vivaro & Dispatch- but there are still plenty of aspects about the Expert to love.

Compared to previous versions of the Expert, this third generation model offers plenty of payload, improved ride comfort & superb fuel economy. On top of this, the Expert even has a party trick tucked away in the dash - the new head's-up display. There's clearly plenty of things to get exctied about with this top-class medium van, so let's get stuck in with our top 5 features!

Stylish At The Front


Why? Because it's different & that's a really nice touch for a platform sharing van. Look it's got a black plastic grille that is very hard wearing & sports a big brand badge in the middle. The expert has different headlights too, & this really sets it apart visually from any of the other PSA group vans we've already reviewed.

Centre Seat Flexibility


The middle of the triple seat front bench not only offers some excellent under-seat storage perfect for your sandwich, but in the back it's got your Moduwork mobile office with rotating clipboard & bungee cord. It's a smart solution for getting paperwork done on the go & you really can never have too much cabin storage.

Parking Sensors


Another feature that some of the other PSA group medium vans just don't have - rear parking sensors. With the Expert only having single mirrors, parking sensors really bump up the rear visibility at Professional trim level.

Passenger Seat & Moduwork Loading System


The last couple of things we love in our countdown go together perfectly. If you pull down the tab on the passenger seat in the front bench it smoothly raises up allowing access to the Moduwork Loading system.


The loading bay is 2.5 metres long, but expands to a whopping 3.7 metres with the extra space provided by the Moduwork loading system. It's ideal for lengthy bit of building material & makes the Expert hugely versatile.

Want to know more about the Peugeot Expert? Why not take a look at the full Expert review or visit our latest deals?

By Tom Roberts

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