Top 5 Things We Love About The Volkswagen Amarok

Rugged, refined & durable, yep we're describing the VW Amarok, the midsize pickup which combines tough exterior with high quality interior. ****Apart from the awesome Euro 6 engine which makes it a comfortable drive, this pickup has the widest loading bay on the market!

So, let's take a look at the top 5 best bits.

1)  The Engine

VW Amarok 6 engine

Let's start with the engine. I cannot get across how much fun this V6, 3-litre, turbo diesel injection engine really is to drive - it's brilliant & powerful. If you've got a need for speed it's perfect, you'll get from 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds!

2) The Residual Heating Function

amarok residual heating

Next up is the residual heating function. You'll find this feature with the climate control settings (just press the 'REST' button). Simply whack it on when the ignition is off (preferably on a winter morning), & it gives you 30 minutes of heat using the residual heat from the engine - smart!

3)  The Loading Bay

vw amarok loading bay

The Volkswagen Amarok has one of the widest loading bays on the market. Measuring at over 1.6m wide & over 1.2m between the wheel arches, this loading bay is the perfect size for transporting Euro pallets.

4)  The Felt-Lined Door Pockets

amarok door pockets

Need storage space for your keys or spare change? Pop them in the felt-lined door pockets. The felt acts as a silencer when the doors are rocking around so you won't hear a noise while you're driving.

5)  Load Bed Lighting

amarok load bed lighting

Let's finish this with the very handy load bed lighting. You can activate this feature by pressing the pickup icon displayed on the middle console in the cabin. Now all you need to do is go round to the back of the vehicle & you'll see 2 powerful LED lights illuminate on the loading bay arch.

Want To Know More About The VW Amarok?

Take a look at the full review on YouTube & look out for a full write up coning soon! Don't forget to check out the latest deals on the VW Amarok too.

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